UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally

by Catherine Rolt in Worthing, England, United Kingdom

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Our mission is to end isolation for people with chronic medical conditions and provide them with a community and skills to thrive.

by Catherine Rolt in Worthing, England, United Kingdom


  1603791204_unravel_logo.jpgIn the last couple of months, the UK government recognised that the - more than 30,000 - new Long Covid sufferers are sick and need support. But the same is equally true of the many hundreds of thousands of unrecognised people who have been suffering from chronic illnesses alone for decades.

At the moment, there is nothing for them. That's where we come in. UnRavel was founded by Catherine Rolt, an Integrated Chinese medical practitioner and specialist in Grief and Trauma Recovery, to provide what the NHS can't afford and cannot be funded by the people who are ill.  

For the price of a couple of cups of coffee a week, we serve them by providing a space for ongoing connection, encouragement and health education via online facilitated groups three times a week, 24-hour access to their group via Whatsapp, training courses and new publications. 

Our purpose is to significantly improve the quality of our members' lives by being alongside them, empowering them and restoring their sense of competence and rightness.

The difference we make has already been proven. Our members have given us repeated testimonials of how important, unique and life-changing our service is to them. (See a testimonial at the head of this page) 


Each group costs money to run (Cost of training and employing a facilitator. Cost of PR. Getting members. Admin.) So far, that cost has been entirely borne by volunteers and Catherine herself. If we are to be able to offer this life changing and much needed support to many others, we need your help. 

Your donation will build more groups, help more sufferers and inject financial strength and scale into our structure and organization. 

We have proven the concept and we are beginning to see real positive results. But we need to do more.

Hear from our founder, Catherine Rolt: who herself is suffering from chronic illness and therefore learning through direct experience.

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If you want to find out more about what we do and how we do it take a look at: 

Catherine’s book, UnRavel Dis-ease Naturally, available on Amazon, and our various web/social media links:


Our various web/social media links:





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Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your donations will make a crucial difference to many people with chronic health conditions and their carers.  




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Thankyou so much for your donation. We will be pleased to keep you updated on our developments.

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Signed UnRavel Dis-Ease book

£100+: we'll send you a signed copy of the new, revised edition of UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally. This book is fundamentally about all the seemingly conflicting contradictions in our lives, and yet it is also about what is right with us. The chapters take you through Catherine’s, and some of her patients’ journeys. On the way you will discover how your own body’s inbuilt navigational systems are constantly guiding you.

£150 or more

Signed UnRavel Dis-Ease & New 2021 Book

£150+ you'll receive a signed copy of UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally in December 2020 and a copy of the new book, 'Simple…Health…Integrated…Together' on release in early 2021.

£500 or more

2 Seasonal Health Courses

£500-£999: we'll give you two - seasonal modules or COVID - related courses, value £1000, for you to attend or to give away. Seasonal modules help you learn how your bodies and behaviours are connected to the seasons and all aspects of nature, and give you new tools to make small targeted changes that revitalise your energy and well being in surprisingly big ways.

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2 Memberships plus Private Consultation

2 Annual Memberships for you or to give away, each worth £359. Plus a private consultation worth £240.

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