UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally

by Catherine Rolt in Worthing, England, United Kingdom


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Our mission is to end isolation for people with chronic medical conditions and provide them with a community and skills to thrive.

by Catherine Rolt in Worthing, England, United Kingdom


For many tho1603791204_unravel_logo.jpgusands of people living with long-term health conditions, as well as all their caregivers, daily life for years before COVID was typically an isolating and frightening experience. Lockdown was their normal, and UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally was in part founded in response to the needs of the many who were falling through the cracks of mainstream medical and care provision.

We are responding to this unprecedented crisis of loneliness, isolation and powerlessness with a concerted plan to scale up, reach out and alleviate the effects of the triple lockdown - medical, financial and emotional - for this rapidly expanding group within our communities.

UnRavel is a small business with a huge heart and a mission to redraw the way people live with their dis-ease. We know how to help people to help themselves and each other in profoundly meaningful ways. 

UnRavel was set up by Catherine Rolt, an Integrated Chinese medical practitioner and specialist in Grief and Trauma Recovery. She has been showing people how to UnRavel the core of their dis-ease for forty years. She once ran two simultaneous Integrated Health clinics, in London and in Newbury. Now, due to the limitations of her own lifelong health challenges, she has redirected her passion to serve by taking her work online.

So how do we work?


1. We offer four weekly online group meetings for different time zones, a vigorous online motivational presence and the chance to make many dear and understanding friends, quickly, via our WhatsApp groups. 

2. Our first order of business is to connect with and witness each other, just as we are, through profound listening and hearing. We eliminate judgement. We never push.

3. Via online, video and printed resources, we help people find understanding and clarity about their own particular dis-ease, or that of a loved one. We help them reorient their focus on the ways in which they are actually doing brilliantly, often in direct contrast to how they judge themselves. 

4. Through Interactive sessions led by Catherine, people understand how their integrated mind, body and spirit function. Applying this knowledge to their daily lives can radically improve the ways they uphold themselves and each other.

5. Learning how their bodies and behaviours are connected to the seasons, and all aspects of Nature, gives people new tools to make small, targeted changes that revitalise their energy and well-being in surprisingly big ways. We bring new material online according to the season.

6.  We focus on individuals and their processes, not disease labels, so no matter what their dis-ease, members are empowered to IN-JOY their own unique and special journey, rediscovering their inner joy and radiance. 

Over the last 12-18 months, with the help of a team of talented and skilled volunteers with decades of experience in the wellness space between them, Catherine has created an online membership-based health support community that is already making a profound difference to its members.

We have proven the concept and we are already succeeding. 

Hear from our founder, Catherine Rolt:

The funding you donate will help us set up a scalable and sustainable organisation, less reliant on volunteers and able to deliver our services to many more people.   

Here are some examples of where we would invest your generous donations.

- Find and serve the people we cannot currently reach without it.

- Drive the health education - by publishing books that will empower people to support their own wellness. The revised edition of our first book, UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally will appear by Christmas 2020. Two more books are written and will be published next year, with children's books to follow. 

- Develop, manage and update our website and automated systems.

- Expand and facilitate our international community support groups.

- Train and upskill a new team of facilitators for community support groups.

- Produce new online tools and courses.

- Support the team who support our mission. Your help now will make it possible   for us to create a long-term project sustained by sales of memberships, books, courses, events and more. We're very creative.

What is our Timeline?

Our aim is to deliver the following:

Seasonal Courses for members

  • Winter course to be developed for roll out by mid-December 2020
  • Spring course to be developed by early February 2021 

Themed Courses – open to public, cost varies

  • Caring and compassion in the time of COVID  

available December 2020

  • The impact of S.A.D and how to counteract it

available January 2021

  • How listening and hearing can revolutionise relationships 

available March 2021



  • UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally      

Revised edition to be published December 2020

  • Simple...Health...Integrated...Together

To be published mid-February 2021 

  • Seasonal Reflections (working title) 

To be published by Easter 2021   

  • Making friends with your amazing body (working title)

Series of children’s books to be published January 2022


How else could you support us?

Share! Tell your friends and family and share via your social media. 

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Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your donations will make a crucial difference to many people with chronic health conditions and their carers.  




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Thank you!

Thankyou so much for your donation. We will be pleased to keep you updated on our developments.

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Signed UnRavel Dis-Ease book

£100+: we'll send you a signed copy of the new, revised edition of UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally. This book is fundamentally about all the seemingly conflicting contradictions in our lives, and yet it is also about what is right with us. The chapters take you through Catherine’s, and some of her patients’ journeys. On the way you will discover how your own body’s inbuilt navigational systems are constantly guiding you.

£150 or more

Signed UnRavel Dis-Ease & New 2021 Book

£150+ you'll receive a signed copy of UnRavel Dis-Ease Naturally in December 2020 and a copy of the new book, 'Simple…Health…Integrated…Together' on release in early 2021.

£500 or more

2 Seasonal Health Courses

£500-£999: we'll give you two - seasonal modules or COVID - related courses, value £1000, for you to attend or to give away. Seasonal modules help you learn how your bodies and behaviours are connected to the seasons and all aspects of nature, and give you new tools to make small targeted changes that revitalise your energy and well being in surprisingly big ways.

£1,000 or more

2 Memberships plus Private Consultation

2 Annual Memberships for you or to give away, each worth £359. Plus a private consultation worth £240.

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