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by emwelsby in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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I am Emma, an independent songwriter who is inspired by Cinematic Orchestra & Bonobo. I need £4864 to record these tracks, please help!

by emwelsby in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

What This Crowd Funder Is

The key facts:

  • I am Emma, an independent, experienced solo percussionist and songwriter who writes under the name of Uno Prism.
  • Uno Prism is music inspired by electronica, jazz and orchestral music.  I am inspired by artists such as The Cinematic Orchestra & Bonobo and most things on Ninja Tunes label.  If you like them, you will like this. 
  • I have written four tracks that I believe are good enough that they deserve to be recorded properly in a decent studio with decent musicians so that everyone can enjoy!
  • My problem is I can’t pay the £4864 required for rehearsal studios, a recording studio, musicians and a producer all by myself.  There is budget break down below to justify this cost.

Listen To 3 Out Of 4 Tracks Below!

So before we start, why not have a listen to the music I am trying to fund first:

About Uno Prism & Why I Need Your Help

I am one person (Emma) and I live in a tiny village in north Manchester, UK.  I’ve been involved in music for a long time. I was lucky enough to study at the Paul McCartney music school, I was a percussion quarter finalist in BBC Young Musician of the Year and I also got down to the last 20 out of thousands of applications for the Fame Academy Bursary Grant Award down on BBC channel 1. I’ve played percussion at biker shows in Europe for Harley Davidson and with the experiences I have gained, I feel the time is right to do my own thing - Uno Prism.

I wrote four tracks last winter that I believe could be special if I get it right.  I want it to be more than something that exists in my living room.  At the moment I am every instrument you hear (using my computer as an aid!). 

My skills are writing music and playing percussion and even if I wished really hard, I couldn’t be all of the following people - an awesome violin and cello player, an insane jazz drummer, a trumpeter, a bass player, a recording studio specialist and a rehearsal studio owner with space to rehearse for free. 

I’m not all these things and therefore for these four tracks to happen, I have to pay people to help me achieve all these things.  Whilst I can use my network to get certain things for free, some other things I just can’t get.  I’ve already met all these lovely people, showed them the tracks and they have all agreed to take part.  I need their talent to make this music of good enough quality so that potential listeners will not only like the ideas, but it sounds good to boot. 

This is where I was hoping you could become an integral part of this project.  If you decide to pledge some money towards this I will involve you every step of the way so you can see this project grow.  I want you to feel satisfaction that your money was economically spent, it created something of value to everyone involved, you enjoyed the music made and most importantly, that you felt part of building this. 

Why It Costs £4864 To Record Four Tracks!

I nearly fell off my seat too - and this is without me having ideas above my station.  Here is what I am up against:

Pre Recording

Rehearsals so everyone knows what to play and when to play it.  We don’t want honking in the wrong place! – £244


Studio hire, engineer hire and musicians – £2190

Microphone hire and a filter required to record instruments which I can do at home to save money – £373

Making It Sound Pretty Once Recorded

Mixing and mastering by engineers – £2057

Marketing It

This doesn’t die after the recording. I work as an online digital marketer for my day job so the plan is to use all my skills to spread this music far and wide on the internet and build a bigger following – £0. 

Be Part Of Something Exciting - What To Do Now

I like to give - so check out what rewards you get for helping me on the right of this page.  

Step 1 

Pledge on the right hand side of this page.  

Step 2

Visit and join the mailing list to see how this whole thing progresses....feel part of it! 

Thank You’s To People Who Have Helped So Far Because They Believe In This Too

Thank you to Nik Bryant for helping me make the film.

Thank you to Liam Maloney for saying nice things about me in the film (unpaid to say nice things of course!).

Thank you to Northaway Photography for the photoshoot (@northawayphotography on Instagram)

Thank you to those who have given me honest feedback on videos, my blurb writing, my website and my demos.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

FREE digital download of the music.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

FREE digital download of the music.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

FREE pre-release digital download of the music.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

FREE pre-release digital download of the music and a chalk mug with a personal message written on it from me, woo!

£100 or more

£100 Reward

FREE pre-release digital download of the music, a chalk mug with personal message on it from me & a mystery parcel at your door full of goodies as selected by myself!

£500 or more

£500 Reward

Well, it’s big money isn’t it. You’ll get a FREE pre-release digital download of the music, a limited Uno Prism mug & a mystery parcel at your door full of goodies AND have a chat on Skype. You can listen to my endless gratitude, I can find out more about you and take if from there!

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