Unlocking Women and Technology

by Favour Ozichukwu in Accra, Accra Metropolis, Ghana


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The aim of Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) is to create a gender-inclusive ecosystem and support women from marginalised communities.

by Favour Ozichukwu in Accra, Accra Metropolis, Ghana

About Me


My name is Favour and I originally hail from Nigeria, one of the eastern states called Anambra state, Anambra is known for its originality of the Igbo culture and rich culture. Just like any other African state, Women are majorly seen as the most marginalised group despite their expertise and prowess. At the age of 19years, I developed an interest in seeing women from underdeveloped communities gain access to resources, knowledge, and empowerment to achieve their goals. I am passionate about developing female entrepreneurs who have the ambition and the desire to create socially impactful businesses, create jobs, and promote culture through entrepreneurship with the integration of technology.

My believe

I believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of developing female entrepreneurs, with all hands on deck, and the support from passionate individuals we can attain that height one at a time.


About the Project

My work with Unlocking Women and Technology has enabled me to integrate operational, technical skills, and services into supporting women entrepreneurs in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. I have engaged with partners, program managers, and project managers from diverse backgrounds to achieve more by supporting women in tech initiatives, and through this experience women we have engaged have gained soft skills, hard skills, funding, and mentorship and are still in business generating revenue till date.  This helps our entrepreneurs and stakeholders, in turn, achieve their goals to a higher degree.

The aim of Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) is to create a gender-inclusive ecosystem and support women from marginalised communities by providing training and resources such as Coding, Business Development Training, Funding, and principles of Entrepreneurship. UWAT works with members of the Diaspora community who have skills that help the program reach its goal. Since its inception, UWAT has served more than 500 women and 158 businesses; of the individuals served, 40% got requisite skills to enhance their careers, 45% gained entrepreneurship skills and are running revenue-generating businesses and 15% have gained access to further their career in tech. I fulfill this purpose by implementing core values in programing structures and in every endeavor and situation, helping women reach their full potential.

The team is a diverse team with individuals who share the same passion, we are gender-inclusive as we realise that providing support to marginalised women must include men to support this initiative, my team and I together possess experience worth 30years, spanning from Business Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Human Resource, Data analysts and Technical expertise, Media and Communications.

My vision for Unlocking women and technology is to provide an enabling environment to harness the development of women through coding, business development, funding, and mentorship to women between the age of 20-35years in Ghana and sub-saharan Africa at large.

Why do we need funds? 

Raising funding would enable us to increase our reach in supporting women in tech training and business, funding social impact startups that have a proven track of measurable social impact in rural communities focused on providing support to marginalised women and those who align with GOAL 8 and 5 of the UN sustainable development goals Decent Work and Economic Growth and Gender Equality. 

Funds would be made available to female founders who have been through rigorous pitch exercises and have passed all due diligence tests.


There would be follow-up for contacts who donate funds to get access to some services provided by the wide range of founders, and an opportunity to collaborate, partner, and serve as mentors, for these startups.


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Individuals who pledge have access to update information on the growth of beneficiaries and an opportunity to mentor and partner with some startups.

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