Unloc Enterprise Academy Roadshow

The Unloc Enterprise Academy is an exciting community programme to get young people inspired and motivated through the medium of enterprise.

We did it!

On 26th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £8,150 of £8,000 target with 10 supporters in 38 days


The Unloc Enterprise Academy is an exciting community programme to get young people inspired and motivated through the medium of enterprise. The programme aims to tackle the age-old social problem of low aspiration in young people from disadvantaged communities and promote entrepenuership/self employment as a genuine career path option. 

The Academy is targeted at 12-18 year olds and this academic year we will work with over 3000 young people on the South Coast of England. Our team of experienced entrepenuers and expert educators, from a range of fields, work tirelessly to create the best content and experiences for the young people we work with.



The Enterprise Academy Roadshow is our new project to deliver bespoke 'Enteprise Days' across ten different schools in deprived communities. Despite appearences, the South Coast is home to some of the most deprived areas in the country which have cyclical problems which get passed on from each generation to the next.  We want to take our Enteprise Academy into these schools to show young people that enterprise and self-employment is possible for them as it can be for anyone with the right help and guidance. The Enterprise Day will consist of:

- An inspirational talk from a successful young entrepenuer

- A series of skills-focused workshops including 'pitching', 'branding and messaging' and 'vision and mission'

- An enterprise challenge - students creating their own venture based on a given brief

- A pitching challenge to enable students and a panel of local business people to hear their ideas


We want to raise £8,000 so that we can have the resources to reach over 2000 students, in 10 schools, particularly in deprived communities across the south coast of England. This will cover the cost of facilitators, teaching resources, promotional material etc. The main focus will be placed on Portsmouth, the second most densely populated city in the UK and an average life expectancy 6 years lower than the national average.


  • This project will help to build up core employability skills in young people which struggle with these essential skills such as team work, motivation and communication.
  • The Enterprise Academy Roadshow will help lift aspirations amongst young people who are statstically likely to go into unskilled work.
  • We will create jobs in the future by getting young people to be the entrpreneurs of today.
  • The Roadshow will highlight the prospect of starting your own business and open students eyes to this as a route for them. 
  • The project will encourage creative and innovative thinking - a useful excercise for students in an increasingly regemented education system.


"The training we had from Unloc was great. I learnt lots of new skills and am now a lot more confident when around others."

- Amanda Rowland, Year 10 Student | Charter Academy

"I've loved taking part in the Enterprise Days at my college. I really enjoyed getting the chance to be creative and coming up with solutions for everyday problems."

- Daniel Endwards | Enterprise Academy Student

"Working with Unloc has been a great experience, and I would fully recommend them 100%, without any reservations. Their enthusiasm and positivity is infectious and the students love having them in the college."

- Steve Frampton, Principal | Portsmouth College

"The students love the sessions and are fully engaged. We're delighted with the progress they've made and we can't wait to work with Unloc again."

- Helen Blachford, Teacher | Priory School

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