University of Surrey FC Dugout

The University of Surrey Men’s Football club are unable to move up a league without having a set of dugouts - Please help us change that!

We did it!

On 22nd Dec 2017 we successfully raised £3,000 of £3,000 target with 43 supporters in 44 days

New stretch target

The initial target allows us to either get a pair of normal standard dugouts that might be vulnerable to damage, especially during bad weather conditions. Therefore, a stretch target of £6000 will enable us to acquire top-notch dugouts as well as enough funds to maintain them. 


The University of Surrey Football Club CANNOT gain promotion without a pair of dugouts. Help us change that! 



  • University of Surrey’s football team has excelled in recent years with three successive BUCS league titles, without dugouts, their hard work and long hours on the pitch are going to waste as they are unable to move up to a higher standard division in their Saturday league.

  • With their previous success, continuous dedication and hours of training, we believe the football team are extremely worthy of progressing further. Playing against better oppositions and standards is only bound to improve our abilities individually and as a team -  which will then translate to FURTHER SUCCESS!

  • Not only will these dugouts boost the players morale but will also ensure they perform to the best of their ability - knowing that they will gain the rewards for their hard work!

As the cold month’s approach, we don’t want the future Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of Team Surrey stuck in the bleak pouring rain when they could be in their warm dugout!

       miserable raincoat GIF by NFL

  (The struggles Team Surrey will endure with no dugouts)


We hope to raise  £3000 (& hopefully £6000) to purchase a pair of high-quality portable dugouts. These dugouts will not only be of used by the football team alone but by other Team Surrey clubs. Hence, offering our Team Surrey players a better (and dryer) experience playing sports during their time at University. 

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The University of Surrey FC first team plays in the Surrey County Intermediate League (Western) - a mouthful we know. However, this should no longer be the case as last season our team played superbly in that league. In the last game of the season, they just needed a win or a draw to BE CHAMPIONSSadly, that game ended with a very narrow 1-0 loss - the team was heartbroken!!

Not only did the team have to bear the disappointment of letting the league slip away but they were also not allowed to gain the promotion they thoroughly worked hard for - adding insult to injury!! 

But with your support, we can assure our players that this won't happen again and if they DIG IN deep every week, DUG OUTS won't be an issue. 



Your Football Club 

University of Surrey FC

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