University Fund
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I would like to raise enough money to put me through at least one year of University debt free.

by Taysha Sargeant in Loudwater, England, United Kingdom

Since leaving school I have chosen to work. I was struggling massively with anxiety and depression. A condition that is still with me today. I have been in a variety of jobs; all of which have made my condition worse over time. I had planned to save up for university as I didn't want to be in debt but this unfortunately is still a work in progress as financial circumstances have changed over the years. This has been a major dark cloud over my dream. I am now in a job which I love where I get to use my creativity which has improved my mental health but unfortunately I don't get enough money to cover both bills and put money towards university. With prices going up I can't see any way of getting closer to my goal without any help.  My dream of being an Interior Designer still stands. I just need a helping hand. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me make my dream a reality.

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