University Fees - HELP A STUDENT!!

by Luke Brand in London, England, United Kingdom

University Fees  - HELP A STUDENT!!


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Hey, I am a student about to go to University, most likely Leeds; to study graphic design. In essence, I need some help in raising fees!

by Luke Brand in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Luke Brand and I am 18 years old. 

I am currently studying Product Design, Biology and English Literature at A-levels. As an inhabitant of London, one of the priciest areas in the country, I will be needing some extra help and financial support when applying for Universities. I am hoping to study graphic design at either Leeds or Loughborough, but most likely Leeds as it is my first choice. 

My parents are providing money and I have also applied for numerous scholarships and grants to try and gain some extra income. As a teetotal, the money will not be wasted on partying, drinking and hedonism; instead I will put it towards course equipment (such as screen printing fees, lithographic paper, inks, software and other resources such as notebooks, pens), my campus rent and other amenity costs which I will need to cover as a student. Although I will get a part time job during my course to finance it further, any extra money is welcome, and will be used constructively to lighten the monetary burden of living independently for the first time. 

I have already created a spreadsheet covering all my current sources of income and have also calculated how much extra I will need to ensure that my life as a student will be as smooth as possible. I am interested in running and hope to get into fell running when I move up North (possibly with a view to go for the GB Mountain running trials should I get to that stage). I am also a keen writer and have published a couple of poems in the past, as well as entering prestigious competitions such as the National Poetry Competition. Heads or Tails is my debut novel and I currently in the process of sharpening it up, ready for publishing it and approaching literary agencies. As a Christian, I attend church on a weekly basis and try to maintain a strong connection with God, through prayer, talking to him and reading the bible. Career wise, I hope to work as a junior, senior designer before hopefully (within the first ten years) rising to the level of creative director or chief design officer at a small company. I then hope to use that industrial expertise to set up my own free lance studio to allow me to work independently and make my mark on the design world.

Therefore, by investing in me now, you are making a long-term commitment to the creative industry in our country, which people seem to dismiss and tread into the ground. You would be adding to the designers already out there, competing for the top spots, and you would be making a symbolic promise to uphold the creative and design industry in this nation for at least another generation. 

Conclusively, I ask that you kindly donate as little or as much as possible, be it 50p or £5. To help out myself, a prospective graphic design student embarking on a journey into the digital and creative industries (two of the fastest growing sectors in the UK). 

Many thanks. 

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