University accomodation

by Debbie Richardson in Bearsden, Scotland, United Kingdom

University accomodation


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My son needs to raise £2,900 towards first payment on University accommodation. He has no support in his life apart from me, as best I can

by Debbie Richardson in Bearsden, Scotland, United Kingdom

My son needs to raise £2,900 for his first payment on University accommodation. He has managed to save £600 from his job at the chippie whilst still being at school. He will get a loan eventually to help with living costs and the other £3,750 accommodation payment. In the meantime, we discovered, his loan isn't payable until AFTER he starts UNI and is registered as attending. Well, fair enough, but his accommodation payment is due 2 weeks before classes start!!!!

I know you're thinking, well, there are millions of students in the same boat. Yes, and no. While I was researching bursaries for my son they suggested crowd funding. I thought -no way, why would anyone support that? Well, here's why. Because people are big hearted. My son is a clever lad who will be studying aeronautical engineering. He just happens to have been brought up in a single parent household with an annual income of under £18,000. His father has given no support since my son was six years old and my son has suffered depression as a result but is working through it and is normally a star pupil. This is not a sob story, it's just hard facts. He has got D of E bronze, silver and gold and was commended for helping a weaker member of the team. That's just the kind of guy he is. 

So, if it's in your heart to help my son raise the first part of his accommodation fee without any stress, then God bless you.

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