Unite Mental Health

Unite Mental Health

I am aiming to raise awareness of Mental Health across the UK. I am creating videos to show how everyday people cope with the struggle.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Firstly thank you for taking interest in this project. Thousands of people suffer from Mental Illness everyday and we beleive that it should not be suffered alown. I am aiming to raise money to produce a vlog raiseing awarness of different types of Mental Health issue from Depression to Schnizophrenia.  Although many vloggers on youtube like to share their issues I aim to combine all these vloggers to share their stories about not just about one illness but ALL, which is rare in todays world. 

For this I wish to raise money for this vlog to be run and filmed.  This includes camera equipment which unfortunatly can be quite expensive, any other money raised will be donated to charities like Mind, that deal with mental health and help people through the struggle they face.

please visit the demo website: unitementalhealth.wixsite.com/mentalhealth

As a sufferer myself I am striving to raise awareness and funds for mental health both locally and Nation Wide!

Please help this wish come true!

Thank you

Daniella Smithers