United4Homeless Solidarity March

by rhys drain in London, England, United Kingdom

United 4 Homeless is a protest March 

intended to London, January 2019

  The idea behind United4Homeless, is to demonstrate the clear need for immediate and further long term support in the battle to End homelessness. We have seen been both worrying increases in the numbers of those  affected by homelessness year after year, and also the number of deaths associated with it. 

What is even more worrying still is that no council nor any other authority records these deaths. There is thus no data that would allow us or anyone else researching the issue to build a picture of what, collectively, their circumstances, locations or causes of deaths might tell us, this despite there already being much documented attention in media and tabloids and that is totally unacceptable.

All participating Charitys, Organizations, and members of the public will march together in solidarity in a united effort for CHANGE and improvements to the current approaches of ending homelessness

Confirmed Groups / Charity's List  ( To be Updated Accordingly ) 

Further Invites will be sent out on Publishment of the page.

Unite Community Clacton , WSUP Woolwich, Quaker Homeless, Pure Insight, Shoe Aid, Slough Outreach, Hope 4 Newham, Lola's Homeless, The Ark Project 10 Sleeper Homeless Bus and Drug support group, New Horizon Youth Center, help To Help Kent Blankets For The Homeless Essex, Rhythms Of Life, Friends Of Essex And London Homeless, Swat - The Sikh Welfare & Awareness Team, The Pavement Magazines, Help Bristol's Homeless Homeless, Warriors Watford  Rest in Streets, Homeless Is Not Just For Winter, ForkoffMcr, Roar Pursuits, The Homeless Party, Tap London Focallocal, Sussex Homeless Support CIO/ Sussex Economic Support, Sussex Outreach Service, Homeless Birmingham CERTUK, Bus Shelter MK, Homelessness Prevention UK, Help The Homeless Hillingdon,

The Situation

The need for social housing is now vastly outstripping supply with 1.24 million households on local authority waiting list. Over the last 7 years the number of people sleeping on the streets has risen by over 130% with 1,768 known to have been sleeping rough in 2010 and 4,134 in 2016. Across the UK 3 million working families are just one paycheck away from losing their home, with one in three working families in England not able to afford to pay their rent or mortgage for more than a month if they lost their job.

Every year more than 150,000 young people across the UK ask for help with homelessness Although homeless people are considered as a priority to be rehoused there are currently over a million people on waiting lists for social housing Rough sleeping is predicted to increase by over 75% in the next 10 years, according to research carried out by the charity Crisis

Whats the money for?

For anyone unaware of the costs associated with events, Public liability insurance is required along with costs associated with placards and banners, we expect further costs at some stage perhaps around staffing equipment in terms on stewarding please see actual quote below for the most important necessity Insurance, 

About the Organizer/Event

I began organizing the event back in April of this year after i became homeless and was rough sleeping in london i was going through a very difficult period in my life at the time and the idea for the march came from my own personal frustration with the system and the position i was once again placed back into i am immensely passionate about homelessness and am worried as i see the situation spiraling out of control. 

I am now in a much better position myself and am working hard to develop my own sports CiC with the help of @streetsgames after winning a business startup competition we intend to offer sports and fitness rehabilitation programs to those affected by homelessness 






Massive Thanks to Ed J Kirwan for permission to share the motivation of the invisible trailer www.edkirwan.co.uk

Learn more about UK Homelessness at Crisis.org.uk



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