The Tech Alternative to the 1801 UK Regime

The Tech Alternative to the 1801 UK Regime

A new 2015 British Society to serve as an alternative to the 1801 UK Regime. This choice is needed for British Subjects and true democracy.

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The British Monarchs Subjects are so absolutely free from birth that they are ruled by just two ‘common’ laws; the British Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta Charter. These two documents outline the Inherent and Inalienable Rights and Freedoms of every British-born Subject and will continue to do so until re-enacted and/or re-appealed by our Monarch. These inseparable liberties grant British Subjects the power to afford any Society they choose, the great privilege of serving and defending them, their island and everything on it.

The Society and its Administrators and Defence Force must therefore meet British Subjects expectations or they retain the right and freedom to practice true democracy and leave said Society in order to join and/or form another. Still to this day every Free British Subject holds this democratic power; an Inherent and Inalienable Right and Freedom which British Soldiers and Oath Keepers alike will continue laying down their own personal reputation, liberty and life to defend and uphold. 

The United Kingdom (UK) Society was the British People’s choice in 1801 and so it was afforded the great privilege of serving and defending the Crown’s Subjects (and guests residing/ visiting the island) of Great Britain. But in recent years it has become increasingly evident that it is failing to be of service to British Subjects and/or defend them, especially in the areas of Welfare, Banking/ Debt, Religion and Privacy.  Furthermore the UK Society has become so grossly entangled with its policies and agendas, both foreign and domestic, locally and overseas, that it has neglected its core duties and its answerability to its authority; The British People. There is now so little evidence of these supposed ’beneficiaries’ getting any actual benefit from the UK Society, that it can only mean one thing; The 1801 UK Regime has sold Britain out. Further investigation unveils that this draconian Society has become a Regime which actually causes harm to British Subjects, but for its own survival as a 214 year old entity, it disguises its betrayal by causing even greater harm e.g. feeding British Subjects false information and indoctrinating, drugging and distracting their focus elsewhere. Below is a real look at the level humanity has sunk to under the administration of the 1801 UK Regime:


  • Life: The UK Society has a reduction in fertility (which says it all about the nation’s mood). Prison deaths are also increasing by 30%
  • Children: The UK Society has a rise in child abduction and sex abuse; IN SCHOOLS! 
  • Family: The UK Society is experiencing a Family "Breakdown Epidemic"
  • Liberty: The UK Society has become so over regulated with its 750/10-page ENFORCED ‘statute' rules (down from 1400+), making it itself a type of prison.
  • Land: The UK Society has a 99.6% population which do not own land
  • Property: The UK Society has a 77% population which do not own property
  • Wealth: The UK Society has a £1.4Trillion Debt


  • The 1801 UK Society is not Britain. It pretends to be the Country to intimidate, deceive and trap Free British subjects; Its flag impersonates the British flag, as does its Coat of Arms; So closely in fact that the UK and Britain are believed, by the untrained eye to be the same thing. The UK societies 'statute' rules also pose as British law, but they are not. British common laws are The Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta Charter. That's it! - The same with UK Legalese which is not the Queens English. The UK legal 'person' is also not the British subject (physical human being) .....and UK Troops/Officers are not British Soldiers/ Policemen/women. The list goes on.
  • The 1801 UK Societies' in-house impersination of actual democracy is defrauding the British public out of actual change, which its society knows it cannot fulfil due to a cult-like tradition of customs and agendas.
  • The 1801 UK Society sells (and even hands-out) membership/citizenship to guest on the island, while simultaneously tricking the natives into joining at birth. The identity and document fraud deception (upon registration) is done completely without a lawful explanation or the consent or understanding of the victim e.g. The British Subject.  The Society then tries to stop anyone from ever leaving by hiding and disguising the renouncing membership process (and attacking alternative British Societies so there is no alternative). For Example; the fast-growing fee to renounce UK Citizenship (£223 at present) is advertised as renouncing 'British' sovereign status. This is a lie and somewhat impossible as a un-naturalising someone does not outrank what nature has dictated e.g. where you were born. 
  • The 1801 UK Society hides the British Bill of Rights from the British People and has almost erased the Magna Carta Charter one Section at a time to its very last secition. 
  • The 1801 UK Societies agents refuse to acknowledge British subject's equitable title/ birth name or rights as if they have no validity. When in fact they are more valid than the societies impersonations of them. This also includes feudal trade agreements (an excercise of a British subjects right to trade) and unregistered and undeclaired items. The society absolutely must own and control everything, which has become such an addiction that there are no more British commons remaining.  

The core reason the UK Regime defrauds Free British Subjects is for the systematic and incremental indoctrination, enslavement/imprisonment, exploitation and harvesting of Free British Subjects. The power is transferred from the people to the UK Regime by being de-frauded! This is by all accounts thefit of energy, land, property, produce, wealth and even children, liberty and lives.  Even more horrific is the reality that this Society has become a life of its own; a Tyrant Regime and a new enemy and threat to the Monarch and Nation. The reality and hard facts of this Regime are so utterly gruesome it could actually be resembled to an Evil, Tyrannical Cult. 

In recent years it has become increasingly and convincingly clear that the type of Society described above is not the type of Society Humane and Free British Subjects wish to belong to. But since no alternative Society exists (and all of this information removed from education and the understanding of the masses), there is seemingly no choice resulting in no practice of true democracy. The British People are in fact trapped in a highly unconstitutional and unlawful Regime, which is causing duress to the British People, rebellion has begun. The increasing number of disgruntled British People, who feel underserved, underrepresented and exposed by the 1801 United Kingdom Society is a cry for a new Act of Union for a new British Society. This is what has lead to the UTE Society and its plans to gain Royal Ascent from our Commander-in-Chief. 

True democracy such as the proposal being put forward by the UTE, has not been practiced by the British people in over 214 years. Doing so now could prove purposeful is liberating Britain and the British People from the UK Societies increasingly tyrannical rules and troops, officers and dictating ministers (formerly servants). The formation of the 2015 UTE 'Technocratic' Society will give the indigenous, native British People and alternative British Society to Join and effectively restore true democracy in the process.


The UTE's £12 per month membership fee covers future costs of renouncing Citizenship from the UK which can be done once the UTE Act of Union gains Royal Ascent.  Abundant funds from this scheme will also convert into UTE Government bonds for our members to trade on our UTE London Stock Exchange.

Contact the UTE's Founding Revolutionary if you want to find out more and/or join this new British movement:


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