United Kingdom Sovereign Wealth Fund

United Kingdom Sovereign Wealth Fund

The United Kingdom Sovereign Wealth Fund (UKSW) is an independent effort to create a sovereign wealth fund for the United Kingdom.

We did it!

On 12th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 42 days

The United Kingdom Sovereign Wealth Fund (UKSW) is an independent effort to create a sovereign wealth fund for the United Kingdom. As the fifth wealthiest country in the world, this is a project which aims to create a sovereign wealth fund for the United Kingdom which will provide investment for both the current and future generations.


The Aim

The aim of this effort is to allow us to create our own independent registered charity (UKSW), to create our own website and to create an organisation which can continue to campaign and fundraise for this cause well into the future.


How Will The Fund Operate?

The fund will invest the donations it receives and generate a moderate annual return, a small portion of this return will be reinvested back into the fund so that it can continue to grow year on year and the rest will be used to fund socially beneficial projects.

Examples of the projects that we hope we will be able to fund with the proceeds of the fund include: investment in schools, hospitals, social housing, medical research, public transport, community projects etc. to name just a few areas we would like to see substantial improvements. Anyone from the national government to a single individual can apply for funding; all applications will be judged solely on the benefit they can bring versus the cost of the project.

The minutiae of investing will be done by experts in the field, who have established long-term records and all investment decisions will be vetted by an internal ethics committee to ensure they meet our own standards of ethical investing.


The Precedents

Whilst there are several other countries (Dubai, Sweden, Norway, Iraq, France etc.) which have sovereign wealth funds, there are already numerous wealth funds established in the United Kingdom:

Dulwich College (a typical British public school) - £28,131,040 (£28 million)

City of London Corporation (local governing body) - £1,320,000,000 (£1.32 billion)

Cambridge University - £4,900,000,000 (£4.9 billion)

That colleges, local governing bodies and universities can raise such amounts, but the United Kingdom is unable to do so is a wasted opportunity; there are millions of people who want to know that that their children and future generations don’t have to endure the same problems that face them today. The UKSW fund is dedicated to ensuring that the future is always brighter and that we continue to provide for future generations.


How Can I Make This Happen?

Any donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated, especially at this early stage of the organisation. However, we also need as much public exposure as we can get, so if you want to get more involved, please follow us on social media on the links below and tell your neighbours, friends, family about UKSW, we need all the support possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best wishes.


Leo Cader








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