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An app to pinpoint sexual assault perpetrators by connecting the experiences of their victims through an anonymous database.

by Rebecca Preston in Accrington, England, United Kingdom

After several people I know have experienced a case of sexual assault, two of which were by the same person and with the ongoing media around the situation, I have come up with an idea to not only pinpoint the perpetrators but to gather enough evidence to prosecute them. When somebody is sexually assaulted they often feel a sense of guilt or fear that they do not have enough grounds to make the accusation so they keep it to themselves for a prolonged amount of time. Meanwhile, the perpetrator(s) is probably out offending over and over again.  My idea is a website/app that includes a database managed by an algorithm. When you experience sexual assault you go onto the website where you can ANONYMOUSLY log who the perpetrator(s) are, where they are from, where the assault took place, what date and what happened. Then the algorithm would then store the information safely in the database. However, if the algorithm picks up one or more people encountering an experience with the same perpetrator(s) it would send a notification asking them if they would be willing to give a statement to the police in an attempt to prosecute the perpetrator(s). If one or more parties accept then the case and evidence goes to the police. 

I am a business student so have the facilities to make this happen. I however do not have any knowledge of artificial intelligence, databases or algorithms. That is why I have decided to set up a crowdfunding page to fund the additional research and put my idea into action. I intend to work closely with the police something I am currently working on. 

I know this is a cause that has impacted many, it is only now in this day and age that we have the technology available to eradicate sexual assault and rape. The perpetrators will have nowhere to hide.

Please bare in mind this idea is still in the research and development stage and still has a long way to go. If you can offer any help please don't hesitate to contact me. If the project does not raise enough funds all will be refunded. 

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