United Against All Extremism

United Against All Extremism

To build an organisation to tackle all extremism, and build robust community relations across all faiths, backgrounds, and walks of life.

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Community working together to challenge, prevent, and cure all elements of extremism across all communities by;

(a) Prevent – Literature, community liaison, working with Officials.

(b) Challenge – Stereotypes, develop action plans (work together with volunteers from all backgrounds, faiths, views)

(c) Community (Network across London, and the UK) working with the Government, MPs, Councilors and all Community Leaders.

  • Taking control by tackling all types of extremism in the UK
  • Building bridges, not Barriers
  • A tangible and visible organization which mobilises to campaign and support victims of extremism in the UK

How will this be achieved:

Setting up an organization, with managers, developing campaigns, liaising with local communities, volunteers, MPs, Lords, Councilors, Community & Faith Leaders, Building Relations, Fundraising, and supporting the victims of extremism.

Grass roots building, and participation from funding to volunteering

“Together We Can Make A Difference"

What has this Charity done in the past:

KS Ltd are a Registered Company (5184897) and Registered UK Charity (1112178) with an excellent track record of achieving results to the highest standards possible.

  • Disaster Relief work in 2005/2006 to help the victims of the South Asia Earthquake. Supported by British Airways CEO, MP Laura Moffatt (Crawley), with a House of Commons Fundraiser and Awareness Campaign.
  • Key IT Skills Course (West Sussex) in 2007-2010, during the UK Credit Crunch to help those affected by the Credit Crunch to re-skill with their I.T. skills and find work, with additional support for those with a language barrier problem from the ethnic minorities. A grant from the National Lottery of £156,001.
  • Community Champions in 2010 and Charity and volunteers recognised by Prime Minister Gordon Brown at No.10 Downing Street.

What will your money achieve?

We believe that “Prevention is better than cure”. 

Your support in this New Campaign will help to Tackle Extremism at Grass Roots level, by

(a) building a viable organisation to manage anti-extremism campaigns,

(b) build community relations, and

(c) deliver all support needed to the victims of extremism.

How much do we need:

We are aiming for £266,450 to set this all up and to operate it:

All amounts of money raised will be spent on achieving these;


Office and Storage Goods/Services – £54,000

1 x Organisation Senior Manager - £35,000

1 x Campaign Manager - £25,000

2 x Drivers - £40,000

2 x Admin/Volunteer Management Staff - £30,000

Volunteer Expenses (Transport, Training, etc.) - £16,200

Other Costs (Utilities, Taxes, Website, Fuel, etc.) - £23,400

TOTAL: £223,600


A van to transport donations/aid - £14,500

Minibus to mobilise volunteers to areas needed - £16,500

Technical Equipment (Computers, Video, Hard Drives, etc) – £4,350

Campaign Material Costs (Videos, T-shirts, Literature, Website etc) – £7500

TOTAL: £42,850

GRAND TOTAL: £266,450

We will do our upmost to be as cost effective as possible, and where we can reduce our costs (e.g. get volunteers to drive/take on a role) we guarantee that all surplus amounts will be directly used for this vital work!


  • Pledge your donation to make this happen
  • Volunteer your skills and time to us, so we can add it to our database and mobilise all out volunteers across the UK as and when required/available.
  • Spread the Word and TAKE ACTION NOW.

 We will not allow our beautiful community to be divided by any forms of extremism and we will work tirelessly together from all faiths, backgrounds, and walks of life to tackle such issues.


 For more information you can contact us today. THANK YOU!