Trying to buy10 diagnostic ultrasound machine

by Alexander K Ofori-Gyasi in Buckhurst Hill, England, United Kingdom

Trying to buy10 diagnostic ultrasound machine


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by Alexander K Ofori-Gyasi in Buckhurst Hill, England, United Kingdom

  • Is a registered charity in the UK /charity number 1191227.

The loss of a human life is devastating and often a life altering experience for those involved. However, the sad truth is due to social inequalities, corruption and moral injustice has resulted in the needless death of countless mothers and new-born babies in deprived regions of the world.   The maternal death rates in west Africa are among the highest in the world and it is reported that around 300,000 African babies die on the first day of their birth with over a million babies dying in the first 4 weeks of life due to substandard pre and post maternal and neonatal care. One in every 30 mothers die in child birth compared to 1 in 30,000 in European countries and it is reported that only 36% of women deliver babies with the help of a healthcare professional. 

Unfortunately, hospitals in the poorest parts of west Africa have unreliable electricity supplies, inadequate sanitation and a significant lack in essential medical equipment such as ultrasound machines enabling them to detect birth defects, fetal heart monitors to track the babies’ condition during delivery, oxygen, blood pressure monitors, blood transfusion facilities, incubators for premature babies and much needed pain medication for mothers. Additionally, a lack of available beds means that many women give birth on the floor of the hospitals further increasing the risk of infection and subsequent death of both mother and baby. Moreover, mothers unable to pay their hospital bills are faced with the difficult reality of separating from their new-borns leaving them in the hospital and returning only for feeds as they are often not permitted to take their babies home until medical bills are paid in full. 

Unite4Africa is a charity based in the UK that aims to help support hospitals in the poorest areas of West Africa by raising much needed funds in order to: supply hospital maternity wards with lifesaving equipment, beds, nutritional, hygiene and sanitation supplies; funding for mothers unable to pay medical bills to prevent separation of mother and baby at birth and where possible increase access to healthcare professional thus preventing needless loss of life. 


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