Unit K Exhibition 2018

by Eurydice Dupré in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

We did it
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Design and Production of our Unit's End of Year Architecture Exhibition

by Eurydice Dupré in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

AUTONATION- Unit K 2018 

School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University 

For our Unit's inaugural year, our brief focused on automation and the impact such technology will have on the current labour sector.  Whilst our first semester projects, based in More London, focused on automation as a key for social change and relieving people from oppressive or detrimental jobs, our second semester projects, in Milton Keynes, went on to imagine the possibilities of a post-work society. 

As our academic year comes to a close, your donations would help us in all aspects of creating our final exhibition. That is:

- Printing and displaying all of our final drawings and images

- Creating an installation for our final models

- Generally transforming our studio into an exhibition space 

This exhibition will not only give us the opportunity to showcase our work to the rest of the school but also to share it with friends, family and future employers. 

Any donations to encourage the success of this event will be greatly appreciated. For any large donations, we will also be offering A3 prints of any displayed work. If your company is interested in sponsoring us, advertisement during the exhibition is available. 

From all Unit K students and tutors, we thank you in advance for any contribution!

Exhibition Details: 

Oxford Brookes University, Abercrombie Building, 3rd Floor

Friday 25th of May, 18:00, to Wednesday 6th of June, 17:00

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