Unit C Exhibition

Unit C of the Oxford School of Architecture are raising funds for their spectacular end of year exhibition.

We did it!

On 31st May 2017 we successfully raised £270 with 10 supporters in 14 days

This year, we in Unit C have based our projects in the beautiful city of Salzburg with our key aim of introducing nature within architecture with our unit brief title: 'Can We Come In'. What we need funding for is in creation of our Unit C handbook which showcases all of our work from this year. We also need funding for materials for the main exhibition which we want to make more spectacular than ever before.

Last years pumpkin patch inspired exhibition: what is next?

All of our design outcomes are based upon Edward Owen Wilson’s theory of Biophilia and our human 'urge to affiliate with other forms of life’. This is so important for a rapidly evolving society. We need to keep in contact with our instinctive connection to nature whilst simultaneously embracing a new technologically minded future within our fast-growing cities. This could involve elements of sustainable design but it is also very much about the experience of walking through a space which affects the very psyche of the individual due to the influences of forms which we take directly from nature itself.


Any Proceeds will be very much appreciated, and we cannot wait to see you at the exhibition.

Thank you,


Unit C


The Oxford Brookes School of Architecture Exhibition:  6pm Friday 26th May - Monday 5th June

Update!! Unit C exhibition is under construction thanks to your support! We very much appreciate your generosity!

Exhibition Spatial Configuration

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