Union Yoga Corstorphine - Yoga Studio/Therapy Room

Funding for Corstorphine's very first Yoga Studio for Union Yoga Charity.

We did it!

On 9th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £2,125 with 34 supporters in 28 days

Union Yoga has served over 30,000 yoga classes, workshops and courses to over 12,000 Edinburgh Residents in the last decade.

Our current home in Broughton is the largest yoga studio in Scotland. We host highly experienced yoga teachers from around the globe, running international events and teacher training courses. This has given Union Yoga a reputation for both outstanding, knowledge-based teaching and authentic yoga classes.

At our Broughton studios we have run personalised detox programmes, provide massages, alternative therapies and healthy, vegan and/or raw juices and snacks.

For some time, we have wished to open a second centre in an area where we feel there is both a need and a demand…and we have chosen Corstorphine.

Here are the reasons why...

  • There is a strong sense of community within Corstorphine - we have felt this from you already! Bruce Mackay - Union's Founder, grew up in Corstorphine and has always wanted to give something back to his home village.
  • There are very few spaces nearby for residents to exercise and improve health (other than a walk up Corstorphine Hill!)
  • There are many families living in Corstorphine; we know parents, young adults and children can use yoga to achieve a greater sense of health and wellbeing. 
  • We recognise a community of older residents whom we wish to serve with both our 55+ classes and outreach programmes.
  • The space at Corstorphine has great potential for community gathering due to its layout. We have space for a therapy room, changing areas, lockers, a yoga equipment and clothing shop. Best of all…there is space for a seated area at the front of the centre to sit, chat and relax after class; here you will be able to make yourself a cup of tea, enjoy raw snacks, coconut water and freshly made juices.
  • Your support will make the completion of this space a simple process.

Union Yoga is a registered charity (SC034957). As a charity, we offer means-tested discounts on classes and memberships to those in need. Our aim as an organisation is to make yoga and meditation classes accessible to anyone who wishes to attend them.

Please buy one of our reward packages now. We need additional funding to draft proof, install additional heaters and to complete our therapy room. With your help and support this project will come about quickly and easily.

We are offering a FANTASTIC selection of rewards in return for funds…but it is also possible to simply donate. All vouchers purchased will be valid at the end of the funding period and must be presented to us within 2017.

See you on the Mat!

Abbie, Bruce & The Union Yoga Team


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