Unicorns, fairy dust and bullsh*t

by Jenny in Wesham, England, United Kingdom

Unicorns, fairy dust and bullsh*t


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To empower those who have suffered domestic violence and are battling those limiting self beliefs, especially as a business owner.

by Jenny in Wesham, England, United Kingdom

Who am I?

I am Jenny Hardman, mum to 5 amazing beasts, business coach & trainer and domestic abuse survivor. Being around domestic abuse for over 30 years has truly affected my life choices and my perception towards the world and other people. Luckily I have have sourced the support that I needed to work through my challenges to raise 5 amazing children and also run successful businesses.

What am I doing?

I am raising awareness of what constitutes as domestic abuse will allow more men and women to ensure that they are in a safe environment, not just safe from the physical, safe also from the emotional and mental abuse.      

According to CSEW data for the year ending March 2018, only 18% of women who had experienced partner abuse in the last 12 months reported the abuse to the police.                                                                                                                                                                                       Unicorns, Fairy Dust & Bullsh*t is the first stage in supporting business owners who are struggling with their own belief systems with a positive impact, written in an authentic manner by a honest and humble mum who herself suffers with PTSD, severe anxiety. Including strategies, how to approach different interactions within business and how to work with your internal fears.

Why is this important?

None of the stats really delve into the longer lasting effects and trauma caused. So many of us survivors still suffer with limiting self belief and negative self talk due to trauma as young people, and we, in turn limit our own successes with our self doubt, a major challenge in small businesses is mindset and overcoming your own fears.

PTSD, Anxiety and may more mental health challenges arise from past abuse when faced with difficult situations within business. Mental health is so important within business as YOU are your business. If you are not right, neither will your business. 

Where will the money go?

With a successful crowdfunder, initially the funds will go to the production of publishing Unicorns, Fairy Dust & Bullsh*t and distributed through channels that will support those that are hard to reach. Those that wont shout up for support as they do not feel worthy enough.  

Any additional funding will be used to create an online and in person coaching program for those who need specific support to grow their business with confidence. 

This book will create a positive impact on those who are hard to reach, those who don't know how to reach out and ask for help, who are feeling lost and hopeless.

Disbanding all the fairy tales we are fed as young children and replacing these with effective coping strategies written from someone who has been there and still is there, although is now a survivor and no longer a victim.


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By pledging £25 to this cause you will receive recognition for your donation, a T-shirt (with our logo rainbows, unicorns and bullsh*t) and also a signed copy of the book when printed.

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A signed copy of the book pre release

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A signed copy of the book and an hour's coaching via zoom.

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Get Jenny to speak at your event within the North West for up to 3 hours. This can be delivering a core relationship building training effective in business to enhance your lead generation and referral marketing strategy or an inspirational talk delivered to your audience to empower them by aligning their goals and mission to elevate your success. Includes 5 signed copies of the book.

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