A short horror film mixing psychological horror and the paranormal, Touching on abuse and mental health and the pychological effects it has

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What's the Project?


A short film mixing psychological horror and the paranormal. A young women begins to experience blackouts, plagued by unexplained disturbances she becomes a recluse, when she begins to show signs of physical torture from an unearthly being hell bent on torturing her, Rebekah can't take it anymore, the line between reality and fiction starts to blur.

Unearthly is a very important film to be made not only will the film incorporate modern technology such as webcams, I-pads, Video Calls, and found footage but the film touches and brings about important issues of Mental health and abuse and the lengths both the victim and the abuser will go to.

What is fiction and what is reality?

We are already in talks with a great team and are looking forward to starting work on this very exciting project.

This is a passion project which highlights issues of mental health and domestic abuse in a fresh and  new approach. With twists and turns and gritty realism Unearthly will shock, scare and creep into the darkest depths of your soul.

What's the money for?

Production/Equipment  40%

Pre-Production 10%

Cast 10%

Crew 10%

Travel/Accommodation/Food 10%

Post- Production10%

Promotion/Marketing 5%

Submitting to film festivals 5%

Who's behind this?

Tony Newton


Tony Newton Author of The Zombie Rule Book, # I'm Zombie, producer of Virus of the Dead, 60 Seconds to Die, Grindsploitation : The Movie, VHS LIVES: Documentary.

Tony Newton will be directing, writing and producing the film,  

Tony is always excited to work on new projects and try something new.

We are in talks with crew and actors and are very excited to even be thinking about this project getting of the ground!

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