by Chloe Taylor in Stourbridge, England, United Kingdom

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Help us launch the UK's first online Vegan Marketplace for affordable CERTIFIED VEGAN cosmetics and fashion products.

by Chloe Taylor in Stourbridge, England, United Kingdom


Unearthed.co is an online vegan marketplace, specifically for cosmetics and fashion, developed for beauty lovers and fashion enthusiasts who crave a completely ethical, plant-based lifestyle. Unearthed.co is the go-to source for finding and shopping vegan certified cosmetics and fashion products.

The site offers an efficient method of finding new affordable vegan brands and a simple way to shop them. With the aim to improve shopping experiences and eradicate any confusion as to which products are TRULY vegan.

Aimed at millennials of all genders, nationalities and sizes, the brand champions itself on being more than just a vegan website. It’s a brand that is inclusive of everyone, offers a diverse online community, and disrupts traditional vegan stereotypes with its content.

But we need your help!!  We want to reach as many people as possible with our site, as we feel it is a game changer in the vegan market and will kick up a storm. The site is due to launch in January 2021 (Veganuary of course). However, the major cost driver for the success of the launch of Unearthed.co is marketing, which is crucial for the sustainability of the business, and with COVID-19 at bay, funding for this has been majorly impacted. We are looking to make sure this is as strong a launch as possible, spanning multiple geographical locations, to maximise its impact and the number of people we can help.


After studying fashion for 6 years, I became aware that my passion for sustainability and fashion conflicted. I researched into zero waste fashion design and in my degree, looked deeper into sustainability and uncovered the truth about how much agriculture negatively impacts the environment as well as our health. That’s when I turned vegan, and found a whole world that is: vegan fashion and cosmetics. It was at this early stage of turning vegan that I stumbled upon one outstanding idea; that tied both my passions and values together, and also acted as a solution to a problem myself and many other vegans face. Unearthed.co has been nurtured since November 2019, and after a lot of development is now due to launch in the new year.

Research told me that whilst veganism is a trending topic amongst climate change initiatives & solutions, a lot of corporate companies who aren't fully aware of what a vegan product is, are wrongly labelling cosmetics and clothing that contain animal products as being vegan. Simply to cash in on it and look like they're doing 'their bit'. For vegans, this makes finding certified vegan cosmetics and fashion an incredibly difficult and lengthy task. The idea of Unearthed.co was that it would act as an online destination, a one-stop shop if you will, that houses ONLY certified vegan brands in the cosmetics and fashion sector. 

Having then tested the idea, amongst the vegan community via interviews, focus groups, and surveys, 91% said they would use Unearthed.co to shop cosmetics and fashion, as it would make the user experience simpler and more enjoyable. But don't just take my word for it, take a look at what Johnny Morillo, one of our focus group attendees and launch campaign models had to say about it:


Essentially Unearthed.co would hold no stock, this will be held with the brands that we list on site. Whenever a sale is made through Unearthed.co, the brand the product is from would receive a notification with all of the customers relevant order information. Shipping of the products will be the responsibility of the listed brands. Within the marketplace each brand we list would have a backend where they can see all of their storefronts insights. 


Unearthed.co would have two main revenue streams. B2B and B2C. The brands we house on the site would pay a subscription fee p/m to have their product be at the forefront of the online vegan community and increase their brand awareness. This can be payable in monthly increments or on an annual basis.

Secondly, Unearthed.co would take a % cut on any sales that are made through the site, as commission for the sale conversion.


Thanks to your support, we will be able to use the funds gathered through your pledges to successfully launch our marketplace and reach thousands of vegans through traditional and none traditional marketing methods, which is essential to take our business to the next level and positively impact and help as many people as possible. No donation is too little or too big, and every pledge is very much appreciated.


If you’re not able to contribute, but like what I’m doing, spread the word!

Share our story on Instagram (@unearthedco) Facebook, Linkedin or even TikTok! WhatsApp the project to your friends, email it to your colleagues and talk about it to your family. Any exposure or word of mouth we can get is very much appreciated.

Also, feel free to get in touch, whether its to say hi, offer me some feedback, or even tell me all about a vegan brand you would LOVE to see on our site. No matter how big or small, I would love to hear from you! 

You can reach me best at: [email protected]


Chloe x


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