Underglow Art - Original artwork made affordable

Underglow Art - Original artwork made affordable

Underglow Art has been providing original art for customers around the world for over three years, and wants to expand into larger projects.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Since 2013, Underglow Art has been creating unique and bespoke artwork for clients around the world. Our speciality is in creating personalised illustrations and paintings of customers as their favourite superhero, or a zombie, or whichever niche market they have an interest in. We have also been creating less bespoke artwork by taking what are known as "Blank Sketch Covers" (basically a comic book printed with a blank cover) and creating original artwork on those, for sale through a number of outlets, mostly eBay and Etsy. An example of a few of these can be seen in the illustration above.

We have built up a regular client base of around 50 customers who purchase, on average, around 10-15 illustrations each every year. On top of that, eBay and Etsy sales bring our total number of artworks created to around 1800 per year, with a total of nearly 7000 original pieces created to date. We are by far the most prolific creator of these types of artwork in the comic book market.

We would like to be able to expand our business into larger artwork in a similar vein, while at the same time continuing with our existing business model. One aspect of this would involve taking on a part-time assistant to undertake some of the less creative roles, whether that be networking, packaging or customer services, to allow the artists more time to spend on what they do best : Drawing and painting. It would also allow us to invest in stock, including blank comic books on which to draw, artists' supplies such as inks, paints and brushes, and more admin-based stock such as packaging for our orders.

We expect that even an investment as small as £5000 would help us expand our business quickly and successfully, in a market which gains more and more popularity as comic book-related properties become more and more mainstream every day.