Undercover - Short Film

Undercover - Short Film

I'm raising funds for the expenses for the three days of shooting for my film. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

We did it!

On 22nd Dec 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 1 supporter in 28 days

I'm making one of my final year films at university, in which is an ambitious project that tells the story of Eric, an undercover policeman. The film will be a drama/thriller and will be finished by the 9th January. Below is a synopsis of the film.

Undercover is a film about Eric, an undercover policeman, who’s become isolated and indulged within his false criminal lifestyle. Given the minimal contact he has with family, friends and the police force, he becomes a valued member within the drug community he’s spying on. One man he particularly becomes quite close to is Nicholas, the main target and wanted drug criminal. One night, a key opportunity arises for Eric to finally make the arrest after numerous months away, but can he bring himself to arrest the only friend he’s had for nearly a year? Either way, he's bound to regret the decision he makes.

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