Under 7 football team campaign

by dwayne williams in Newcastle, Staffordshire, England

Under 7 football team campaign

The aim of my project is to provide kit and equipment to help children participating in sports to develop there physical and social skillset

by dwayne williams in Newcastle, Staffordshire, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I currently run an under 7 football team and have started a campaign to help fund essential kits and equipment – I wondered if you wouldn’t mind sharing my campaign as im still in need of sponsors/donations and any help at all is appreciated as I feel that as a society we are all quick to judge kids for their anti-social behaviours but with so many of these facilities being closed within the last 10 years I think that we should be striving to give them activities to help them become socially responsible and give them something to focus on.

I just wondered if you would at all if you would be kind enough to look at supporting my cause or sharing my campaign?

Thanking you for taking the time to read J

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