Uncanny Episodes - An Amazon Prime Series

by Cup of Tea Studio in London, England, United Kingdom


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A NO BUDGET anthology series for Amazon Prime! Ghost, Spirits, Satan, Jinns, Clones and any more!!

by Cup of Tea Studio in London, England, United Kingdom

Ghosts never exist, there is something else to discover in real!

Published fiction author nafeeAnam taking a challenging step to launch his first NO BUDGET Anthology Series 'Uncanny Episodes' on Amazon Prime & YouTube. nafeeAnam wants to tell his unique, uncanny stories visually in order to eliminate prejudice and superstitions from all kinds of religious and non-religious beliefs. 

nafeeAnam will be the writer, director and producer of this series. He will be writing the scripts, will do all camera works using his available equipments and will cover most post production works himself alone to save a huge amount of production expenses. Available actors and actresses will be contributing their talents and time, so in return, they could get something to showcase and possibly find paid work. Also, film and post production freelancers would get a chance to work on this fantastic project if they want to get more experience.

Without hiring any location or crew, here what nafeeAnam was able to capture recently : https://youtu.be/gyp2trDnBPA


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Simple but some thoughtful uncanny stories! Petrified alone!!


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