Un Pasaje Sin Regreso// One Way Journey

by Un Pasaje Sin Regreso in London, England, United Kingdom


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Our aim is to use art as a tool to create opportunities for young people involved in gangs to gain experience in the world of filmmaking.

by Un Pasaje Sin Regreso in London, England, United Kingdom


We are Interzone Productions, a cinematographic production company based in England and the Dominican Republic. Inspired by the lack of diversity in roles in the UK film industry, Interzone aims to empower marginalised communities and develop film projects that shine the light on current social topics and other humanitarian stories. Our aim is to use art as a tool to expose social issues and facilitate opportunities for young people to gain experience in the exciting world of Filmmaking.

Un Pasaje Sin Regreso (One Way Journey) is a short film inspired by the real accounts of young people who live in the Dominican Republic’s impoverished neighbourhoods. This project questions the idea that gangs are an easy way out from a life of poverty. Based on this, the protagonists of the short film will be the youths living in those conditions.

How? Through three workshops of four weeks, two days weekly, 3 hours session we will teach children and teens between the ages of 11 to 17 basic techniques in acting, camera and film production. At the end of the course, this group will be part of the short film, two of them as lead characters and the rest as part of the crew.

We already have 50% of the money needed to produce the film but we need USD 5000 (equivalent to 4,050 pounds) to pay the professors involved in the training programme.  We pledge your help to make this happen. 

Un Pasaje Sin Regreso (One Way Journey) aims to screen at international film festivals in order to bring awareness on these issues. Our mission is to find new voices and convincing narratives in order to create educational and professional development opportunities for those who live in unrepresented or badly represented communities.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to hand over an established programme, so they can carry on with their development, have space where they can express themselves creatively, continue their learning processes and eventually proceed their studies further within organized circumstances. The community leaders crave for such programmes to be incorporated as it helps them to tackle problems as well as keep children and teenagers occupied and off the streets.


Stephanie Hernandez

Scriptwriter & Producer

Stephanie Hernandez- Dominican- American Producer and scriptwriter based in London. She wrote, directed, produced and co-edited her first short film "9 Years without You" in 2015. In 2016, she co-wrote her second short film, which is currently in pre-production, "Un Passage Sin Regreso.” Stephanie is a creative producer for Oliver Agency in London for client Unilever. Stephanie previously worked for Discovery Channel Latin America in Miami, Florida and has also worked in London producing commercials for brands such as Moonpig, Levi's, Toyota, Lexus, optrex, vanish among others.

 Helping the community and giving back has always been something dear to my heart. Seeing this project come to life will change the lives of so many young children in the Dominican Republic by helping them discover the amazing world of filmmaking. Can you image! helping a child in need by doing two things I love so much: community service and producing!

Jose Gomez


José Gómez De Vargas was born in the Dominican Republic in 1976.  From an early age, he showed an aptitude for the arts leading him to a career in product design in his native city. In 2000-2002, he moved to Italy and pursued two consecutive Masters Degrees in Industrial Design and Transportation Design, having his first exposure to the tools that would awaken his interest in cinematography. 

In 2003, back in his homeland, he decided to explore the field enrolling in several courses in film editing, screenplay writing and working in the direction, production and post-production of several TV commercials.

With his short movie, Bajo la Sombra de la Sangre he was awarded the best Dominican short movie in the 8th International Film Festival in Santo Domingo. He has participated in Festival de Guadalajara, Mexico 2009, Berlin Film Festival, Talent Campus, Germany, 2008, and IBERTALENT, Valencia España, 2007.

Currently working in developing the following projects La Reina del Carnaval (The Queen of Carnival), Rex and Paranoia. 

Through art we learn, we heal and we learn to see the world with different eyes. One way journey is a project that inspires me, by working with these kids, to show them the power  and gifts they have. Hopefully we can give them tools to express themselves in different ways.

Ariana Lebron

Producer & Actress

Ariana Lebron is a nominated and award-winning Dominican actress, movement director, producer, teacher, and representative of Dominican culture, based in London. Despite her young age she has worked in several countries around the globe, from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican
Republic, with a range of well-known directors, such as Joe Pytka, Fernando Báez, David Herrera and Tim Conrad. Apart from directing her own work, she also contributed as a director in the movement piece “You will fail her”, sponsored by the Art Council in England under the Theatre Company Immersive Theatre. She was nominated as best lead actress for her performance in Flor de Azucar in 2016 and presented as the face of the DYSPLA Film Festival in 2017.

Ariana has recently worked with the award-winning Mexican director, Michelle Cervera Garza on the film called “The Original” and won as Best Lead Actress for her role in this short film in the Point International Film Festival this year celebrated in Romania. Ariana graduated with distinction from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, obtained her postgraduate diploma in Trinity Laban specialising in movement and contemporary dance, and developed a workshop called “The Body Architecture and the Word of Movement” based on her thesis.

Un Pasaje sin Regreso (One Way Journey) is a project that I deeply fond with because as a mother and a humanitarian is an opportunity to help and give tools to kids as young as my son. It is a project that can possibly change those kids' life and expose them to a different experience and possibly change their lives.

Alexandra Santana

Producer & Film Festivals Distributor

Dominican Producer. Currently based in London. She has over eight years of experience in the management field of the film industry, as a Film School Director at Cyber Park Film School and Studio Operations Manager at Pinewood Studios (Dominican Republic). Furthermore, with academic background and expertise in audiovisual communication, film production, and acting. 

In 2006, she started working as a freelance producer, producing several short films such as  Capricornio(Capricorn), awarded with the public prize in the ADN Film Festival (Madrid, Spain) and finalist in the Monfragüe Film Festival (Caceres, Spain),  Comitres & Galeotes, awarded as Second Best Short Film in “Women in Short” (Dominican Republic Film Fest), “Aquella que va sobre zancos” (The One that Walks on Stilts), official selection at Toronto Caribbean Film ShowTales and nominated as best short film, ADOCINE Awards “La Silla”. “Otra Vez” (“Again”), awarded as Best Film in CineDominicano.Net.  At the same time, she participated as a presenter and producer of several social campaigns such as Smart Schools, Education for Tomorrow and the First Food Bank Campaign in the Dominican Republic. Since then she has embraced opportunities to be the voice for reality, education, and social rights. She has used her expertise in films and media to promote these values. 

Being part of the team for Un Pasaje sin Regreso (One Way Journey) is one more opportunity to promote positive change throughout my career as a film producer, use movies as a tool to reflect social problems and identities and to serve as a voice of the voiceless. I’m currently completing an MA in Marketing and Film Distribution because she’s also interested in distributing films with such perspectives to a larger audience.

Hugo Caroça 


Born in Portugal with a dual Portuguese / African background, Hugo is a film producer and production manager with experience in pre-production, production and post-production stages. In 2018 Hugo worked as a production unit manager on Valeria’s Sarmiento’s feature Le Cahier Noir, with a premiere in San Sebastian international Film festival. Prior to this he was the executive producer of the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival (LEFFEST), being responsible for managing the international festival and ensuring the smooth ran of its many events as well as and hosting David Cronnenberg, Willem Dafoe, Julian Schnabel, Isabel Huppert, Don Delillo, Robert Pattinson, among many others.

In London, Hugo worked as a production manager and script developer for the emerging indie film company Musser Leghorn Productions. Developing and producing independent film projects such as, Gemini Rising (2010) and Ignore The Machine (2011), Hugo premiered Grey Matter at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and secured an international distribution deal for the film. 

While working for the BAFTA-nominated company Blast Theory, was involved in the production of A Machine To See With a locative film project that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Responsible for testing, development assistant and creating successful marketing strategies for the Channel 4 commissioned SMS teen drama Ivy4Evr. 

With a strong background in Theatre, Hugo worked as England’s National Theatre as African plays reader and translator., in the same year he was a  JMK Awards runner up with the project The Maids, by Jean Genet. his experience as an actor and Theatre director, responsible for directing a diverse range of genres such as Devised, Classical, and Physical Theatre as well as New Writing, gave him a sharp awareness of the effectiveness of dramatic and comedic elements in story telling and script analysis.

Hugo graduated with distinction from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2009 with a dissertation in The Symmetry in Hierarchic Structures Opposed to the Asymmetries in Collaborative Working Processes.
Today, Hugo is involved in Film and Theatre, projects as a creative collaborator, director, script editor and producer.



We are aiming to make delivery of the film in March 2020. We will keep our supporters updated if any further change occurs. 

October – November 2019 Running Crowdfunding Campaign 

December 2019 – Detailed planning of location film & Workshop programme

January  2019 – Production scheduling & Filming

February 2020 – Postproduction &Editing

February 2020 – Film Festival applications 

February 2020 – Campaign Book Production | Trailer

March 2020 – Release Short Film 



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