Umberslade Adventure - Eco Woodland Lodges

Umberslade Adventure - Eco Woodland Lodges

New Glamping venture - creating eco friendly woodland camping lodges for leisure and educational purposes in a beautiful ancient woodland.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A bit of background information on  Umberslade Adventure :

The Umberslade Estate has been a family business since the late 1800's, when it was aqquired by George Federick Muntz, a Birmingham industrialist and member of Parliment, and the inventor of ''Muntz metal.'' This yellow - coloured alloy of copper and zinc was successfully used to sheathe the wooden hulls of ships including the Cutty Sark. George Muntz also bought and restored the Umberslade in the late 1800's. Although the hall was sold in the 1960's and converted into flats, the land, woodlands and lakes are still owned in the Muntz family to this day.

Now Sebastian Muntz, young entrepeneur and great grandson of George Federek Muntz, has set himself the task of continuing the development of Umberslade, by offerring new and exciting outdoor pursuits. The United Kingdom's wooded and forested areas now account 10% of its land mass, and , recognising the immense value for lesiure purposes of this disminishing and increasingly precious resource, Sebastian's aim is to preserve and maintain the Umberslade Woodland, whilst encouraging people to develop their knowledge and appreciaction of the natural beauty and wildlife that abounds within it.

Umberslade Adventure has been running for 4 years starting from nothing, The business is our baby we live and breathe it and can't get enough of the fresh air, wildlife and being outdoors. For this reason there was no doubt in our minds it would be the place we would celebrate our wedding day.

The Adventure Park offers the following activities:

Archery, Low ropes Course, Commando Course, Tree Climbing and Zip lines, natural woodland walks, bike trails, bush craft skills, den building, camping facilities, team building, school trips, photography courses.

The benefits of the Adventure park is that it encourages families outdoors, to enjoy the fresh air, partaking in activties which will develop skills which are important in future life. It promotes jobs for the local community and we have lots of charity organisations which come to us such as Scouts, Brownies, Cubs   , school trips which we really love getting kids outdoors and learning about nature. The community have got our backs and absloutely love the woods and what it has to offer.

We also have focussed on everything inkeeping within the wood, natural paths, buildings, and eco friendly as possible so that nature can be undistrubed and wildlife can still thrive.


Our project aim is to create 5 rustic eco friendly huts for purpose of accommodation.

The Accommodation would benefit the following:

  • Scout and Brownie charity organisations can sleep over as part of their educational trip
  • Wedding (bride and Groom and guests can use accommodation when having a woodland wedding)
  • Families looking for an affordable and outdoor getaway
  • Wild Life spectators - ramblers.
  • Corporate groups

The money raised would go towards:

  • The cost of material of the huts
  • Building labour costs 
  • Furnishings
  • Eco Friendly as possible

Rewards for you:

  • 1 Free entry to the Adventure Park - come have a go at zip line, tree climbing, archery, low ropes course, bike trails and more.
  • Write your name on our wall of fame - wooden style
  • Come and stay in our Lodges with a very generous discount
  • Come and have a coffe in our lodge and enjoy the outdoors 
  • Help us give back to the community 

Thank you so much we hope you will help us raise our goal to create some beautiful eco lodges in a stunning location.