Ultimate Supercar Experience

Ultimate Supercar Experience

To create the ultimate supercar experience. We aim to go above and beyond to create a range of exquisitely customised supercars for hire.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Supercar experiences are an ever growing & highly profitable service that attracts both high net worth individuals as well as members of the general public looking for a “once in a lifetime” big blow-out event.

It is a very competitive sector with many companies offering a good range of showroom fresh supercars and luxury cars supplied for rental. The cars are supplied either with a driver or on a self-drive basis. Our project is different, it has been designed to build upon this great & profitable supercar rental idea and turn it up to 11.

Thanks to our extensive experience with modifying and customising cars, we can create some amazing one-off supercars that will literally stop traffic and gather more attention than any other vehicle on the road.

Day to day we are a car customisation company, specialising in vehicle wrapping, wide arch bodykits and performance parts. So we have all the tools & expertise to create one-off customised supercars that will not only compete strongly in this sector, but have the potential to revolutionise it and in time hopefully become the market leader in the high-end rental car sector.

Our key aim is to bring amazing bespoke supercars to life and allow the general public to not only see them but also ride in them and drive them.

We will be offering rental of our highly customised supercars on a 3 tier basis.

Tier 1

Within this tier customers can hire their preferred vehicle for use as a display at events. We supply the vehicle on a per hour basis anywhere in the UK. It can be parked up at a preferred location to help grab the attention of passersby, so can be an invaluable piece of eye-catching advertising at promotional events, exhibitions, parties, etc

Tier 2

Our tier 2 customers can order our vehicles as treat them effectively like a very high-end taxi. Our cars are supplied with a full licensed driver who can driver them from A to B and drop them off a locations, giving the client a great “show-off” experience at special events. Or if the customer is just a big lover of supercars, they can get an experience of the sounds and performance these cars can offer.

Again with our bespoke supercars the experiences are turned up to 11. Arriving at a party in one of our cars with it’s elaborate bodykit, custom made forged wheels and upgraded exhaust will grab the attention of everyone. Many people can turn up to an event in a Ferrari F12, but only 1 can turn up in a custom built DMC Lamborghini Aventador, wrapped in blue chrome, sporting an Akrapovic exhaust system.

This service is charged on a per hour basis for the driver, plus travel and fuel costs.

Tier 3

Tier 3 is our complete package, Allowing the customer to rent the car on a self drive basis. Although very expensive this gives our customers the ability to fully experience our bespoke supercars, driving them on the road, taking them wherever they want to in the UK, showing them off to friends and anyone who they want to. It is the ultimate way of renting a supercar, being able to drive it on your own and fully experiencing all the perks that it can bring to life. And with our bespoke supercars we can supply our clients with amazing one-off supercars that will give them an experience beyond what other supercar rental companies can offer.


Our Garage

Once we reach our target we have specified the following cars to be modifed and made available:

Lamboghini Aventador

  • DMC exterior conversion with custom forged wheels
  • Chrome wrap
  • Upgraded exhuast

Audi RS7/RS6

  • Updated with wide arch bodykit
  • Wrapped in custom camo printed design
  • Forged wheels
  • Upgraded exhuast
  • Upgraded performance to 700+BHP

Mercedes CLS63 AMG

  • Upgraded styling with "Black Series" style wide arch bodykit
  • Forged wheels
  • Wrapped in custom chrome vinyl
  • Upgraded performance and exhuast

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe

  • Upgraded exterior to "Black Series" wide arch style
  • Forged wheels
  • Silver chrome wrap
  • Upgraded exhuast system
  • Upgraded performance via ECU remapping

If we reach our stretch target we will be also adding the following cars with various modifications:

Audi R8

Mercedes AMG GTS

Ferrari 458


The Investment

Overall we are looking for investment in the project to get it kick started. Our "dream garage" includes cars of varying costs, so that we can built up our inventory as we go along. This means we can start work on the project way before reaching our full target and built from there.

As a business investment this is a very profitable sector, achieving potential revenues of £35,000 per week, 52 weeks a year.  So potential annual turnover could be over £1.5 million. Based on very conseravative estimates we believe that all initial costs would be paid off in full within the first 2 years.

We are already very well set up from an online advertising & marketing perspective and with our garage of cars, offline advertising will not be an issue.