Ultimate Gym
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Opening a new style gym Which breaks down barriers of fitness

by David Brown in Lymm, England, United Kingdom

the profits will come back from customers paying to and use our gym, plus sponsorships, partnerships and the potential world wide franchises being offered.

We will look to make £3m per week that is £156m per annum. A profit of £100m per annum.

As a personal trainer, I aim to help everyone get fit and have a laugh please really feel the bug for fitness in an enjoyable manner. Where this makes people push their mindsets, bodies and physical capabilities.

The people I’ve trained in the past adore my methods. So it’s time I spread the love and zone for all to become a better version of themselves.

So I have created a business model for a new and exciting Ultimate Fitness Units, with arenas within this utopia for everyone to feel happy within their bodies, beliefs and lifestyles.

With offers of brand partnerships, grass roots academies, hundreds of new jobs and careers. A place where staff would relish coming to work. A fitness unit where staff all feel happy to be there, thus helping members and day payers to reach their targets and goals.

This zone will not be out priced, but a very affordable way for people to visit as a singleton or family.
no matter who you are physically challenged, recycled teenagers, tiny kids,or who ever you are. We are opening to make you feel this is a better life.. especially after a pandemic in a place that has taken precautions in making our unit Uber safe from illnesses.

There are people that won’t come to a gym because when they see someone slim, muscular or even mixed gender pace. We will take the barriers away.

So why not become apart of our journey, a future step forward and a giant leap in lifestyles for a healthier and safe place to live.

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