UK Surf and Costal Communities

UK Surf and Costal Communities

This photographic project is aimed at creating a book and exhibition highlighting the importance and lives in costal communities in the UK

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This photographic project is aimed at creating a book and exhibition, which will highlight the importance of costal communities and UK surfing.
When we think of summer at the beach, a place away from home to relax and unwind, we envisage the bucket and spade, the suntan you catch in these small seaside towns, their surfing communities and the local businesses. But what about the people who are there all year round? Those who work and go about their day to day life in these places?  My work shows these people and their moments in detail. From day tripper's to locals, from the  postcard landscapes to those hidden spots, as well as the out of season spaces abandoned and forgotten. 

I need help in the way of funding, which will go towards the book and exhibition, as well as essential equipment needed for the project.  You can see my progress and other work on Instagram

Costal communities matter and I believe my work will show this, with your help.