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We're the UK Refugee Support Community, an up and coming, nationwide network aiming to connect volunteers to asylum seekers that require aid

by UK Refugee Support Community in United Kingdom

The UK Refugee Support Community was created by a group of individuals who share one common interest. That interest is in helping asylum seekers who have made the harsh and long journey here to the UK, and helping them gain some sense of normality after many months or even years of travelling.

Did you know that asylum seekers are only given £37.50 a week! This little amount of money can be very difficult to budget. We also need to bear in mind that these people are NOT ALLOWED to WORK, and the result for working leads to deportation and a rejection of their asylum claim. 

Our friends did not come here with bags of luggage. In fact, the majority of them arrived with nothing but the clothes on their backs... all their previous possessions, GONE! That is why one of our aims is to provide these new arrivals with the necessary clothing that will be needed to brace the cold UK winters. We will try and source them a smart-phone which is an essential item as it allows people to reconnect with friends and family, which we consider an essential element for mental well-being. It also allows them to download useful apps like translators and dual-lingo!

These people DID NOT COME HERE TO CLAIM £37.50 a WEEK! They are skilled and able people who are hungry to get back to work and or school and have a sense of normality again.

Our main aim is no doubt the most important one...

We want to break the negative stigmas surrounding asylum seekers in the UK and tackle the misinformation that is spewed from the mouth of Nigel Farage and his far-right followers! We want to encourage our followers and volunteers to provide social support to our friends, even a kick about at the local park can make them feel so welcomed!

We actively encourage our followers and volunteers to get involved however they can... *HINT* EVEN SHARING THIS CROWDFUND NOW COULD MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! 

Remember to be kind to one another, our friends just want to live comfortable and happy lives. Surely that is one commonality we all certainly share! Regardless of race, language, age or gender, when we come together, we will ALWAYS come out stronger!

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