UK<->USA dance residency/conference

UK<->USA dance residency/conference

 Hi, I'm Zinzi and I' a dancer. I am fundraising so that I can take up two invitations in North America- EMERGE Residency and CADD at DUKE.

We did it!

On 23rd Jan 2016 we successfully raised £2,627 of £1,844 target with 101 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

As if you lot have given me too much monies! Thank you! 

Any extra money raised will contribute to my new work WKOSWIB premeiring this year. I will also give to my little brothers ballet fund (he is saving for lessons).


Thank you so much, evey penny will help to the furthinging of my dance pratice on a variety of levels, and the creation of new work!





I have been invited to U.S.A by two different institutions this February to dance, perform, teach and learn.

E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency- highly sort after annual residency curated by creative leaders at Earth Dance to create new work, devise techniques, perform and learn with an international selection of dancers and artist. 

Duke University ‘s Collegium for African Diaspora Dance (CADD) 2016 conference Dancing the African Diaspora: Embodying the Afrofuture. This is a meeting of the pivotal scholars, practitioners, educators, thinkers, performers, and dancers creators of African Diaspora Dance.  It is a privilege to be selected on my first application. 

Both events are one of a kind; nothing similar takes place in Europe and in both cases I am the only dancer that has been invited from U.K.       The U.K is often overlooked for what it can offer the dance world thus it is essential that I am present in both spaces to speak to my experience, and add to the cultural mix - and learn and share practice, experiences, and future intentions.

These are both extraordinary spaces, which will afford me great learning opportunities that I will not get at home in the U.K/Europe.

 I have been offered partial scholarships for both invitations, as well as in kind donations, I will also work at the conference in order to reduce my fee. Nevertheless I still need to raise money to cover travel, fees, and expenses.

The remit of both invitations mean that they fall outside of the scope of the usual funding avenues in U.K, which is why I am crowdfunding. 

 I would ask you to support my work, and the global dance community in it's attempt to explore and share our dance and cultural practices.

Thank you,

Zinzi Minott



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