UK Sports IDEALS Programme/AWF

UK Sports IDEALS Programme/AWF

IDEALS/AWF is a UK Sport Project that aims to establish more opportunities for Women and Children through development in sport within Africa

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Developing Leadership in Sport - a volunteer programme in association with UK Sport


A request to help fund an 8 week placement in Tanzania


International Development through Excellence and Leadership in Sport (IDEALS) is a UK Sport Programme which aims to establish a high quality, progressive and co-ordinated sports leadership development exchange programme between the UK and partner countries for people aged 20 and above. The IDEALS programme works in association with the Anita White Foundation (AWF). The Anita White Foundation Aims to be a central point of reference for scholars and activists involved with women and sport, and to support the education and development of women leaders from countries where women face particular challenges.

The AWF is involved in many projects around the world including the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG). AWF involve themselves in two stages when it comes to IWG, the first stage is to do with project analysis and reviewing IWG progress reports from 1994-2010. The second stage is to account for the progress made for women and sport globally since 2010. Some of the core values of the IDEALS programme are too improve partnership, personal development, diversity, equality and sustainability. These core values will be achieved through working with the locals in Tanzania and making sure the institutions within Tanzania have what they need for continued development in sport.    

 The IDEALS programme started in 2008 and involves an 8-week placement in the northern city of Arusha, located below Mount Meru. The placement is full on for the 8 volunteers involving coaching morning and afternoon sessions 6 days a week. The volunteers will also be required to submit a weekly report to UK Sport reviewing the current level of development in sport within Tanzania. 

 My name is George Perry and I am currently a student at the University of Chichester and a volunteer who is about to leave for the Ideals programme in May. There is no funding given to us from the University or UK Sports, so the purpose of this desripition is to try and fundraise, together with working as lectures allow, the necessary £1000 required for the trip as I do not have independent means. I appreciate there are many calls on your hard earned income these days but I hope you will agree that this is a worthwhile and innovative programme. Any money you donate is purely directed towards the programme and will help us improve the life of children and women in Tanzania who are not given the same opportunities that we enjoy here in the UK. 

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