UK Premiere of Liquid Shard in Wales

Bring the UK premier of major arts installation Liquid Shard by Poetic Kinetics to Wales in Margam Country Park in Summer 2018

We did it!

On 28th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £1,375 with 38 supporters in 56 days

Migrations plans to bring the UK premier of major arts installation Liquid Shard by Poetic Kinetics to Wales in Margam Country Park in Summer 2018.

LIQUID SHARD WILL BE A FREE EVENT because we want the finest of international contemporary arts to be accessible to all.

Liquid Shard is the brain child of Poetic Kinetics.

The breath taking public arts installation is a mesmerising, iridescent wind-activated sculpture. It creates an immediate utter sense of great beauty. 

Liquid Shard is a vast kinetic sculpture made from thousands of fragments of holographic mylar and monofilament. It stretches 15,000 square feet across the site it inhabits, rising and falling, slithering and sliding with the wind like a huge shoal of shining steel fish that references both the steel and the marine industries that are the working heritage of Port Talbot. 

The original piece was first presented in summer 2016 in Los Angeles.

It is site specific and will be created anew for Margam Country Park responding to the place in a unique manner. Inspired by nature the installation will become a beautiful and meaningful link between the Park and Port Talbot.  


Liquid Shard is made by hand following a complex process of designing and engineering  to create a unique piece of work.

2018 has been designated by Visit Wales as Year of the Sea. Liquid Shard is a brave, confident response that demonstrates how with ambition and vision, contemporary arts can transform the way people think about their sense of place, transforming the taken for granted into something magical and transformative.

Margam, Migrations and Poetic Kinetics share the same objectives: to bring communities together by enabling people to enjoy an incredible cultural experience within an unusual setting. 

We expect to attract 60,000 visitors, from local communities, Wales and beyond over the course of one month. Liquid Shard is fully immersive experience. The site is accessible and suitable for wheelchair users, enabling everyone to experience this stunning and inclusive art work.

Migrations strongly believe that extraordinary arts can happen outside of the big cities and we often work in underserved and unexpected areas. We reach large and varied audiences through work, attracting the art lovers as well has having passion to engage with those who think the  contemporary arts is not for them. 

We are very excited to partner with Margam Country Park to present this unique event.

When Liquid Shard was presented in LA, Poetic Kinetics transformed a rarely used play park surrounded with concrete into a dynamic social space. They have experienced first hand what the right work can do in terms of transforming communities.

We can't wait to present this extraordinary work in Wales.

dazzling and otherworldly atmosphere’ - Architects Newspaper

‘instant hit’ ‘mesmerizing downtown residents, office workers and tourists alike, while spawning thousands of posts on social media’ - LA Times

About Migrations

Founded in 2004, Migrations brings international contemporary arts to Wales while developing innovative collaborations, commissions and partnerships in Wales and further afield.
To create unique experiences rooted in Wales, we collaborate with challenging and inventive artists, local communities and groups, national and international partners.
Our projects come in all sort of sizes and shapes, from large scale site specific commissions to dance film production with 100 amateurs participants and interactive installations, variously using empty shops, rural landscapes and urban architecture as a stage.
Among our recent successes we count major installation TAPE by Numen for Use in Cardiff (2015) and award winning VR experience Treehugger by Marshmallow Laser Feast (2017)

About Margam Country Park

Steeped in history, wildlife and natural beauty, there’s something for everyone at Margam Country Park. The magnificent Margam Castle, Orangery with ornamental gardens and Deer Park, are set within 1000 acres of breathtaking countryside.

About Poetic Kinetics

Poetic Kinetics specializes in large-scale art installations and experiential design from concept through execution and beyond. Based in Los Angeles and born from the film, concert/live event, and circus industries, Poetic Kinetics evolved from collaborations between skilled artists in diverse realms seeking new creative expressions.

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