UK Centrist Party Phase I

by Fatbeard Thepirate in London, England, United Kingdom

UK Centrist Party Phase I
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

UCP Are interested in healing the rifts in our society by fixing the actual problems that currently blight the UK. Below is our manifesto.

by Fatbeard Thepirate in London, England, United Kingdom

Phase 1
Achieve ONE seat in the UK Parliamentary Elections 2022.

Phase 2
Achieve a majority in Parliament by way of Defection from the fringes.

Phase 3
Start the job of repairing this country.

Centrist Manifesto 2018

1) Have Boris shot, or at least sent to America.

2) Ditto Alex Salmond, Tony Blair and some others we could mention!

3) Full, Immediate Brexit on WTO terms.
We'll charm them back round in the end!

4) Revitalisation of our military.
Mandatory military service for all individuals not in full time education between 16-21.
Further, we need to re-purpose the armed forces for today's world.
Immediate exit from NATO.
Small cheap fighters, optionally remote controlled.
Full investment in our last remaining helicopter firm out at Yeoville.
Revitalisation of the Navy ... new ships, facilities and weapons.
New tanks ... something able to be mass produced at the same rate as cars, and with 3man crews max.
Sorry ... but we would also initiate a British Nuclear Weapons production infrastructure, and make damn sure that we can deploy them.

5) Reform of parliament ... instant text based voting (mandatory) to all TAXPAYERS mobile phones. We intend to leave the "other place" pretty much as it is. Ditto the Monarchy.

6) Reform of the Treasury and Bond Markets.

7) Reform of the Tax system.
An end to VAT reclaim would end decades of fraud and stop the needless chains of vat payment/reclaim.
Flat tax on turnover and assets.

8) An end to the poll tax ... err... council tax.
Rates will rise for landlords.

9) Immediate decriminalisation of all recreational drugs.

10) American bases out. Chinese and Russian bases in?

11) Reform of Govt IT systems. All done in open source and restrained by peer review. Full accountability for each access of personal info by anyone. Full access to your own records. Make it illegal for Govt to store data on external systems.

12) Immediate repatriation for the Chagos Islanders and full reparation.

13) The Rohynga. We are responsible for this mess and will make it a priority to sort this out, even if it means a full military intervention in Myanmar.

14) Full reparation for Rhodesians displaced by our appalling behavior.

15) International Relations.
Although outside the EU we could still encourage them to include Russia.
Middle east? Yep. We hate to say it but the only option here seems to be - follow the UN lead.

16) Welfare State. Unwind all QE and pump it into the NHS, the Police, Council Services and Housing, and into a reformed Universal Credit so all TAXPAYERS in the UK can expect a minimum standard of living, regardless of their interests.
Minimum wage to £10 p/h and in no case less than 1/3 of the highest paid member of a firm.

17) The environment / population / resources.
Send anyone who whines off to live in the wild for 7 days.
We'll see how green they are afterwards.

18) A refocus on productive farming rather than grants for empty fields.

19) Lets sort out the economic infrastructure. We need to encourage BUY BRITISH mentality. The only stuff we want to be importing is stuff that we physically can't produce here. To encourage this, make the discounted sale of imported good illegal... where a British alternative exists our manufacturers should be allowed to set the market price for an object.

The next big bubble is going to be the space race... let's get on board... first off lets get the Sabre engine running and into a plane!

Funding it all?
1p tax on each IP address re-issued.
1p tax on each text message sent via sms.
Nationalisation of all infrastructure sold off since WWII
Invoice us for the rest!

Hope that's covered it!                

The UK Centrist Party


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