University of Hertfordshire Project VX220

University of Hertfordshire Project VX220

We are asking for your generous donations to enable us to develop and run our car its maximum potential, utilising our full potential!

We did it!

On 28th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £75 with 3 supporters in 28 days

About Us

Following the success of its Formula Student Campaigns, the University Of Hertfordshire has created a sister team; aiming to develop real, MSA approved racing cars to compete across the UK and Europe.

Project VX220 aims to assert the University of Hertfordshire as one of the UK’s top Motorsport Engineering Universities, reinforcing its performance in Formula Student and demonstrating its ability against professional teams.

2018 marks the first year of this project, and partnering with us enables you to connect with a hand picked group of top flight student engineers, as well promoting yourself in a vast community of motorsport competitors across Europe. With your generous donations we aim to develop and run our car to its maximum potential. Project VX220 consists of both Masters and Bachelors of Engineering, specialising in Automotive, Motorsport, Mechanical and Aerospace industries. The team is made up of fifteen students who, using the Universities excellent on campus facilities, can produce a large amount of the parts and equipment for the car on site.

With an onsite rolling road, a dedicated building and extensive fabrication facilities, the team can prepare the car to an exceptionally high standard.

For most of the students, this project is integrated into their degree, allowing huge amounts of development work to be undertaken. Many of the students have relevant experience already, from placements at suppliers, part time work with professional racing teams or competing themselves.

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The Car - Vauxhall VX220 Turbo

Weighing less than a tonne, and producing nearly 200 horsepower from the factory, the car is perfect as a base to develop a car that will  reach the 300 bhp/tonne class limit with development.

It’s excellent low weight means it will be able to out corner and out brake the competition whilst minimising tyre and fuel usage. Whilst our competition consists of a plethora of Aston Martins, BMW’, Ginettas and Lotus’, we are confident in our skills to develop the little racing car to be a giant killer.

VX220’s were successfully campaigned in Britcar and GT3 showing the performance potential of these vehicles.

Projects include a full aero package, new ECU with in house maps and custom designed suspension components, alongside comprehensive safety features. All of this development as well as race weekend costs need to be paid for which is why we are asking for your help!


The Series

The 750 Motor Club is Britain’s oldest car club, and the races it organises are seen as a huge stepping stone for drivers and engineers alike.

The “Club Enduro” Series consists of two and three hour races in the UK and in Europe, giving teams an unforgiving introduction to endurance racing.

With refuelling and mandated pit stops, the series provides the car and the engineers involved a huge list of challenges in an environment we’re confident we can excel in.

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