Ugandan Village Needs Your Help!

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We need funds to fund building work in a village located 40km north of Uganda. Funds are need as the village is literally 'the sticks'.

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Project aim

We need funds to fund building work in a village located 40km north of Uganda. Please help.

About the project

We will be working at a village school that, So far through raising funds and active mission trips with have been able to concrete class room floors, build separate sex toilet blocks, roof the church building alongside running lessons, holiday clubs, feeding programmes and other projects to bless and serve the people of the village and the children who go to the school.
This time the plan is:

-We are taking four qualified teachers so we will be running sessions with the Ugandan teachers to train, resource and equip them further.
-We will be running a holiday club including songs, craft, sports, games and dance.
-A sports day.
-A feeding programme for the elderly of the village.
-Teaching both at the school and in the churches.
-Building work - This will include; (hopefully, money dependant) Fixing guttering to feed into the water tank donated by water aid, rendering the front of the school block, plastering and painting the front walls of each classroom to lighten the room. I also think there are a couple of walls to build!  

Over the years we have been involved in feeding projects in villages and refugee camps in Uganda.  The organisation has helped to build Churches, schools, toilet blocks, and budget houses for elderly people who are looking after extended family as a result of the HIV/ Aids epidemic.

Today we have a school of 450 primary children living in the rural area of Luwero, Uganda.  Through sponsorship and fund raising we support many children who are orphan, destitute and impoverish.  We believe that together we can make a difference to people in need around the world.

Sustainability is key to all that we do.  We do not believe in creating a dependent society, but people do need help to get on the right path. We have a vision to see business develop   that will create economic stability for these rural areas.  This in tern will increase the standard of living creating a better future for all concerned.

To get more people involved and personally aware we run mission trips to these projects.  People can get directly involved in many different areas including, teaching, building, medical, feeding programs, community development, and church based ministry.

This is the building 
African Child Primary School

The main project that we work with is African Child Primary. This is a ‘bush’ school with 350 children from destitute, orphan, and poverish backgrounds. It is situated about two hours drive away north of the capital city Kampala, near Luwero town. When we first arrived, the school had one small brick building, an unfinished church, a fallen down stick and mud classroom, and children studying under the mango trees.

There is still so much to do at the school. There is a need teacher training, agricultural land to develop programs, more classrooms, and an accommodation block for students that board. All involved in the school have a vision to work towards sustainability.  There are many ideas including, coffee plantation, coffee processing factory, tree farms, organic dried fruit, fish farms, organic spices, and many more that would make the project self dependent.  All of which need some investment before starting.

The heart of the vision comes from a strong desire to see long term sustained development for the poorest in the country, to see an end of children dieing through lack of money, lack of education, and lack of love. Through sponsorship, prayer and compassion we can make a difference.



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