by Carmella Sternberg in London, England, United Kingdom

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Supporting families in the remote villages of Uganda who are experiencing increasingly devastating hardship due to Covid-19.

by Carmella Sternberg in London, England, United Kingdom

Nava is a Family run initiative that supports Uganda, a place very close to our hearts. 

Team Directors: Carmella Sternberg and Raquel Roxy Sternberg are sisters from London with a family connection to Uganda and a big love for Africa. Our dream is to give Africans the support that we take for granted in the West.



While the whole world faces an impending financial crisis, poverty-stricken regions including Uganda are among the first to feel a debilitating crunch. The lack of work opportunity in Uganda has been dimished due to Covid-19. Ugandans need our support now, more than ever, in the face of starvation and hopelessness.

Uganda Covid-19 Emergency Support: Nava is supporting charities and families that serve the remote villages of Uganda who are experiencing increasingly devastating hardship due to Covid-19. Our donations will support women, children and other vulnerable people whose already harsh daily realities have been exacerbated by Covid-19.

We have received a government emergency pass to deliver food and other necessities to 60 families in mukono district. We will also support other Ugandan charities who are able to help and small initiatives that we are in the know about.


Many of Ugandas residents are hand-to-mouth and live off their ability to make it into town centres every day. The government has begun distributing bags of food to people affected by the lockdown but many people are not being reached.

“We are going to die of hunger before this virus even kills us,”

Eunice Nabifo, Kampala (article above)


Our mission is to support the hardest hit families in Uganda through our on the ground contacts and through charities and initiatives we trust. 

All we need is your help.

EVERY PENNY you give will contribute to the people of Uganda and charities that are best placed to support them through this crisis.

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