Uganda 2017

Uganda 2017

In Uganda, primary education is one of the most poorly funded public sectors and it is my aim to help reconstruct multiple primary schools

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In Uganda, primary education is one of the most poorly funded public sectors and yet it is the first and probably most important for all Ugandans. School should be a fun and exciting place to be, as well as being safe and clean. This is often not the case in Uganda, and most schools tend to be poorly built and maintained, as well as having limited access to resources and funds. World Challenge teams have a history of being able to help this by helping to build new schools and classrooms as well as providing new resources. Of course, the scope and scale of this neglect is huge and therefore, the work to be done may seem never ending; however, it is important to realise how much of an effect we will be making to those who live, work, learn and play in those communities. 

I will be one of 10 students who have been selected to travel to Uganda and help within these remote communities. As part of the project phase, I will be involved with Gabugoto School to improve the educational infrastructure by expanding classroom stock as well as building and renovating others. In addition to this, myself and the team will be running educational seminars as well as getting stuck in with sports to encourage the children to stay healthy and stay in school. The second stage of our project phase will be focussed of Kyengeza Primary School. Throughout the last two years, this school has recieved less than £900 for 'maintenance and improvement' to the facilities. So, I believe that by renovating classrooms, we could establish a positive working environment for younger generations. 

So far, I have raised funds by abseiling 100ft, putting on themed shows, hosting cake sales, conducting various raffles as well as refreshment sales- raising a grand total of £14,000 . However, despite how successful these fundraisers were, I still need to raise the last bit of money for the expedition cost as well as essential equipment to carry with me.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated while I plan more fundraisers for this once in a lifetime experience