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SicPic is a new social networking platform based on a worldwide scavenger hunt gaming premise.

by John Okello in Barking, England, United Kingdom


Social networking is changing. Businesses still need to gather and buy data for analytics and product development but with people ever vigilant about their private data being fished through current networking platforms this will open the market for new strategies.

My solution, which will change the game in social media networking and social gaming. SicPic is a photo based social networking platform/ game. A picture scavenger hunting game where people connect online to take the best pictures around set parameters and earn status points, which elevate them to engage with more people and higher echelons.

The AI system being developed will be able to accurately identify the photo’s from the clear to obscure, continuously learning and feeding valuable data without compromising the user’s experience or personal information.

With Artificial Intelligence being the behind the scenes operator and controller of social networking, and the warnings being driven home about its growth and use by leading academics, what if we were able to devise a system that allowed useful and relevant data to the market place, anonymously, while giving end users the freedom and peace of mind to know that they will be protected in real time.

This is the new evolution of social networking giving control to the user.

What Is SicPic?

The aim of the game is to take photo’s based on set challenges within a certain time and the highest voted picture wins that round. Games are created either through your personal network or through worldwide forums including special celebrity forums and sponsored games.

The main USP for SicPic is that, you and everything about you is anonymous until you choose to reveal yourself to other players. For people worried about their private data, parents worried about the online safety of their children, and people worried about being targeted or bullied online, this is a great alternative to all of peoples current fears and insecurities about using social networking.

The Game

You play against others and you are prompted at a certain time to take, for example, a photo of something blue. You have a time limit of lets say 5 minutes. Taking the picture loads it automatically to the game and you then vote on the best picture anonymously. The highest vote wins the status points for that round and then another prompt will begin in another hour with another photo-based challenge.

All winning photos are available online for all games of all challenges. The higher the number of people in a game, the higher the score for the winner. Celebrities can play alongside the public in specially curated games you can join. Game time frames can go from 1 day to even a whole month. The potential for using photo based AI algorithms is far more beneficial when people are ‘directed’ or challenged in this way because games can be designed to not only work out for example the favourite colour car of a particular age group of customer, but also ascertain if a future marketing strategy has potential before implementing. And unlike current social networking sites, the data pool is designed to always be current.

As peoples use of social networking and photo sharing changes over time, having a platform which is not only great for those who want to use it for online influence but also those who want to experience a more ‘real life’, ‘in the moment, ‘right now’ to other peoples lives. As a player you can set parameters you wish to search for games by age or location for example. Parents of young children can set parental controls so that they can only play within a certain age group. The difference with my concept compared with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is that it encourages people to engage with the world around them, removes the photo-shop fiasco, and enables people to feel less like their personal data is being intruded upon and more like they are taking part in a fun ‘scavenger hunt’ scenario.

Imagine you are on a train or bus and at 3:30pm in Kensington everyone’s phone buzzes prompting them to take a picture of “your favourite thing they have in their possession right now”. The excitement at discovering the person next to them is also playing the game and it’s only for a short moment without distracting completely from life enables people to also connect in person.

Players can engage in local or worldwide games and is not only great for those who want to use it for online influence but also those who want to experience a more ‘real life’, ‘in the moment’ to other peoples lives. It encourages people to engage with the world around them, and enables people to feel more like they are taking part in a fun ‘scavenger hunt’ scenario.

What Is The Money For?

We are crowd funding to create our prototype AI system that will be developed by established coders and developers who have worked for major companies such as Google, Twitter and Tesla. We will also be sourcing our App developers and establishing our servers before rolling out the app in full within 1 year. This is a big idea, which will change the face of social networking and encourage the current big players to see what it really means to put users first without compromising too much on their fund generation models.

What You Get For Your Donation

For every £100 donation you will be able to secure your desired user ID before launch of the app. For the first 10 £1000 donations you will benefit from a 1% stake in the company for life. Most importantly, for every donation whether £1 or above, each person will be secured a 5% yearly return on your investment per year for the first 5 years which you are entitled to either withdraw or reinvest into SicPic. Very rarely are there opportunities to get involved with a unique social networking idea from the ground and as we grow we aim to provide our initial backers with even more lucrative incentives to support us.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

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£1000 Reward

1% share in the start up

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Unique personal user ID of your choice given to you before the platform is launched.