2014 U21 European Championships

To raise much needed funds to help me with the £900 required to represent Great Britain at the U21 European Championships in Austria

We did it!

On 29th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £425 of £250 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

What will I use the extra money for?

Its so fantastic that I already achieved my first target of £250!! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, I won't let you down! :D

The total costs for me to participate in the championships is £900 so every penny over £250 raised will help me even more! Thanks!

I am trying to raise £Money towards the costs of representing GREAT BRITAIN at the U21 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS in Innsbruck 26-28th September.

About me

My name is Katie Bradley, I am 17 years old and I am a 2nd Dan blackbelt in WTF Olympic-style Taekwondo.  I have been training since I was 6 and competing since I was 7 and taekwondo is pretty much my life!  

Despite that I still keep up my school work and I am just starting upper 6th and my A levels next week.  I am studying Mathematics, Biology and Product Design and I will go to university next year to study Mechanical Engineering - I have to be realistic, most people don't make any money from my sport and I need to be prepared for my career after taewkondo! :D

My DREAM is a simple but a difficult one to achieve - I want to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games!

Taekwondo has given me sooooo much.  I started because me and my brother were bullied so my dad took us to a class and I have never looked back!  I love training, it makes me feel fantastic when I achieve something; learn a new kick or technique or something.  I love to compete even more!  And I have been very successful at it - that hasn't always been true though :( I went through really difficult times and it taught me you can learn something from every situation, every defeat, and you can use that to make you better if you are determined enough.  Because I still have to do my studies it also taught me to be very organised and make the best use of the free time I have available.  Its very difficult to balance study, revision and exams alongside very important training and competitions - like the World Championships - which always seem to clash or be very close together.  But if you want it enough you CAN do it.

I've been very successful in the last 18 months after years of disappointment, hard work and determination. Its been an amazing journey, including represent Great Britain TWO times as a Junior and the European Junior and World Junior Championships.

2013 German Open International Bronze, 2013 Dutch Open International GOLD, 2013 Belgian Open International GOLD, 2013 Spanish Open International Bronze, 2013 BRITISH NATIONAL Championships GOLD, 2013 Croatian Open International Silver, 2014 Luxembourg Open International GOLD (Junior AND Senior), 2014 WORLD Junior Championships Bronze, 2014 German Open International Bronze.  I have also won several double gold medals in Junior AND Senior in UK competitions preparing for my Senior career starting next year :D

Why am I crowdfunding?

Well of course EVERYONE is crowdfunding for something they don't have the money for.  

Headshot! I'm in Blue :d

I am crowdfunding because however much money is raised £100, £200, £250 or more, the money will help make sure I can go to the U21 European Championships in Austria.  If I win a medal at those championships it will MASSIVELY improve my chances of achieving my next goal; to represent Great Britain at SENIOR level for the first time at the 2015 WORLD Senior Championships.  And THAT is just another step along the road to reach my final destination, my DREAM, the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

PLEASE help me if you can.  Any small pledge will help and is very very much appreciated.  AND please! please! please! its just as important that you SHARE the link to this page with ALL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS and EVERYONE you know so that they have the opportunity to help me if they wish and they can SHARE it too!



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