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1:1 support for youth mental health

by U-evolve in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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We know that Covid-19 has hit young people hard. We want to be there to support, build resilience, confidence and hope for the future.

by U-evolve in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

To really understand us, you need to hear from the young people we've worked with. Here's what they said;

“I never thought I would come out of feeling so low, I’m a completely different person, I’m so confident now I barely recognise myself”

“I can’t believe how much has changed already; I didn’t think it was possible”

“I feel the happiest I have in years; I feel like my normal self again”

“I’m at uni now, I never thought I could be here before you helped”

About us

We are U-evolve, and we are here for all young people struggling with their mental health. We believe that building resilience, confidence and a sense of security is essential for living a fulfilling and happy life. 

The young people we work with are often facing trauma, and may be disengaged from education. We believe in a preventative approach to supporting young people and making improvements to their mental health and sense of self that last a lifetime. 

That’s why we also work with the adults in young people’s networks, ensuring that they can effectively and compassionately support young people through the challenges they may be facing in a non-judgemental, empathetic way. 

The majority of mental health problems will develop before age 24 with 50% of mental health difficulties established by age 14. Our therapeutic support focusses on building a sense of identity, self-worth, confidence and resilience in young people.

 Our Approach 

 We understand that we are all individuals, and a one size fits all approach simply won’t work. We spend time building relationships of trust with the young people we work with. Going at their pace, sharing in their interests and helping them to communicate in their way. 

We focus on the strengths young people have and building on these, applying them to other areas of their lives. We support young people to understand and accept their emotions, equipping them with practical tools to build towards positive futures. 

We are committed to building more informed, confident and self-aware communities around the young people we work with. Supporting parents, teachers, and other adults within their networks, we make sure that young people have the right support to grow and thrive. 

We partner with organisations who share our vision to make the most of the resources we have and to build compassionate and understanding networks. 

We work to dislodge learned, negative patterns, supporting young people to recover and move into a more positive mind set. This doesn’t mean that all the problems are solved, but it does mean that through our coaching, young people having coping mechanisms and an emotional intelligence that means they are ready to face what life throws at them.

With your support we can expand our services and reach more young people than ever. The need has never been more, and we're ready to get out there and meet that need, but we can't do it without you. Young people can access our services online, so now we can reach the people who need us the most, no matter where they live. 

Your £50 donation means we can provide 3 young people with a 1:1 session.

Let's make '1:1 support for youth mental health' happen

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