Higher Level Theatre charity have put together a theatrical play (storytelling) that will help build a bridge between generations....

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Higher Level theatre was established in October 2010 as a non-profit voluntary Drama and Dance Theatre Charity Organisation, Founded by Karlene Fontilio.

HLT has been recognized and respected locally for its dedication towards children and young people in the Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlet, offering a non threatening environment for local youths from culturally diverse backgrounds. Since its opening membership has escalated, on account of working in partnership with The Crib Social Inclusion Project Charity, on many projects.

We need to raise money to put on "U CAN'T RUN 2", because of the positive feedback we received from numerous individuals from in-outer diverse communities, whom requested to bring back the production of "U CAN'T RUN" to a wider scale. It was a profound play that touched upon the hearts/personal feelings of casts and audiences alike. One that helped our youngsters and adults reflect on their own past regrets, and helped them realize their strengths to say NO to gang mentalities. 

With this in mind Higher Level Theatre charity have put together a theatrical play (storytelling), where young people and adults will get the opportunity to come together to re-enact the life of a single father's battle, struggles and difficult choices. Including his incarceration for crimes committed. His actions led him to follow his predecessors' footsteps, a path he'd fought to avoid. He decides to face his demons fearing his son will follow the path he had once chosen. We believe that it is not too late for our future generation to liberate themselves and follow their own route to success. Our aim is to build a bridge between young and elder generations, helping them to better understand each other, through our production of "U CAN'T RUN 2".  

This project has been divided into 3 main phases:

  • Rehearsals; following up to Live performances;
  • Training; including Jack Petchy, Design and Media ( including Film Production), Set Building and Costume Designing
  • Expeditions:  Theatre Productions, Backstage tours as well as the opportunity to visit Theatre/Performance Galleries in London.

Not only would young people benefit in a project that will allow them to gain experiences and accreditations, to help them flourish in their future career paths; but also allow them to deliver a message to their peers, whether they have lost, found or are on the track to finding their own identities in their community.


Cast Members re-enacting a father and son

"We need to teach them to use their minds and not knives and guns"

Cast members rehearsing their monologues, "If Only"

All the casts on stage for a final applause from the audience. Joined by Director/script writer: Karlene Fontilio (far right)