AutinDT - Tanzanian Cultural Exchange (TZ Project)

AutinDT - Tanzanian Cultural Exchange (TZ Project)

AutinDT is raising money towards professional development activities for Tanzanian Dance Artists in Arusha and Dar. Thanks for your support!

We did it!

On 22nd Jan 2018 we successfully raised £90 with 5 supporters in 56 days

Creative Director Johnny Autin has been invited by Ibuka Dance Foundation (Arusha) and MUDA Africa (Dar es Salaam) to create 2 brand new works, to be toured in East Africa. Johnny and Donata are embarking on a 10 day-residency with each organisation to create 2 modern dance ensemble pieces that explore the strength of people in numbers, the community spirit, and the power of individualism. 

Autin Dance Theatre (AutinDT) is an award-wining professional dance theatre company based in Birmingham (UK), established since 2013 and directed by Johnny Autin and Producer Kirsten Tranter. The Company is a collaborative and project-based organisation that produces engaging artistic performances and provides an extensive learning and participation programme.

The company draws on contemporary social issues and events making work which is beautifully crafted, accessible and relevant” - Audience Member 

AutinDT is branching out and working with 2 dance companies in East Africa aiming to raise the profile of performing arts in their communities. |

Due to the economic situation in Tanzania and low public investment in the arts, we are making an earnest appeal for support towards the funding of part of our project. Resources that we receive will pay towards our professional development activities for the Tanzanian dancers, with the aim of boosting their profile in the professional dance sector. This programme of activities include one to one mentoring sessions, CPD workshops, production of showreel videos and headshot images for each of the dancers. 

We have been lucky enough to receive part funding for the TZ Project from British council and Arts Council England via the International Artists' Development Fund to the amount of £4,750 covering the costs of travels for Johnny and Donata, the creation of both works and the production of the filmed documentary.

During the creation periods, we will be exploring a movement vocabulary inspired by both Eastern contemporary dance techniques and traditional African dances. The TZ Project is taking place from 20 November to 12 December 2017. We will be auditioning professional dancers in Arusha and Dar es Salaam to collaboratively research, develop and embody our vision for the works. Both pieces will be devised for a select dozen of dancers alongside accompanying live musicians which will be performed publicly across Tanzania, free of charge for local communities.

We are working alongside our partner organisations, supporters and funders to deliver this project in the best conditions and for the TZ project to positively impact the cultural exchanges between Tanzania and the UK, and have a lasting legacy for the Tanzanian dancers. 

Arts Council England | British Council | Ibuka Dance Foundation | MUDA Africa | Article19 | One Dance UK | mac birmingham | Birmingham Dance Network | Panta Rei Danseteater 

Donata Kukytė will assist Johnny Autin throughout the delivery of the project and lead the production of a documentary providing her expertise in visual art to document the creative process as well as the personal journeys they will embark on. 

To find out more about Donata's work please visit  

Following the completion of these new works, AutinDT is leading a Dance Masterclass event, Sunday 14 January (2 to 5pm) and a live public presentation of the project at Midlands Art Centre - MAC (Birmingham) on Friday 19 January 2018 (7pm). This will include a screening of our documentary, excerpt of the live performances of the work, talks about the impact the project has had on Johnny's artistic development. 

For tickets and more information please visit: 

TZ Project - Masterclass at MAC | TZ Project - Live Presentation 

As part of this crowdfunding appeal, we are offering:

- High quality images from Photographer Donata Kukytė's artworks (A3 size) to choose from a selection of 10 images of the project

- Autin DT t-shirts (all sizes)

However, if you would simply like to donate without receiving the above items this would be gratefully accepted. 

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

The AutinDT Team 

More information on AutinDT can be found here:

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Images: Donata Kukytė, Creation of "La folie des passions" with MUDA Africa at Nafasi Arts Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / Nicholas Calvin, 'Short and Tall' by Nantea Dance Company

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