Tyred of Food Waste

Food Sharing Edinburgh will buy two cargo bikes to transport excess food from supermarkets and redistribute it to the people of Edinburgh!

We did it!

On 17th Jul 2018 we successfully raised £5,221 with 150 supporters in 35 days

The Mission

We're creating Scotland's first ever recycled food supermarket, and we're calling it The Food Sharing Hub!

The goal of the Food Sharing Hub is to save surplus food from shops, restaurants and supermarkets from an unnecessary fate in the bin . The food is still fresh and good to eat and we'll be sharing it with the community at a very affordable cost. 

For the last 5 years, Food Sharing Edinburgh has already been working with 25 businesses to collect surplus food and sharing it with local charities. The Food Sharing Hub is our plan to take Food Sharing to the next level.

We've already made huge progress with the business model and have found a location for the hub, but the missing part of the puzzle is transport. Right now, our team of dedicated volunteers collect food on foot or by bicycle, and we need an environmentally friendly option to help them carry tonnes more food!

We're aiming to raise £7,000 for an Urban Arrow XL Cargo Bike which will be vital to reach supermarkets at the end of each day and save the huge quantities of food unnecessarily thrown away

Why a Cargo Bike?

Our original plan was to buy a van for the same cost, but we quickly realised that not only would a cargo bikes a more sustainable option, they’re also a far more practical solution.

These giant cargo bikes cost almost nothing to run and maintain once we’ve bought them, they can access side streets that a van would struggle with, and any of our volunteers can use them with a little training.

Urban Arrow XL Cargo Bikes are part of a new generation of cargo bikes with powerful pedal assist motors and cool boxes that are perfect for the job.

What if we don't raise all the money?

We're committed to buying cargo bikes as they're the best option for the job. If we can raise at least £7,000, we'll be able to buy one cargo bike. 

We'll also look at other cargo bike models to make sure we're using the money as cost-effectively as we can, however, rest assured, that the money you donate will go towards at least one cargo bike, and hopefully more!

The BIG Problem

Worldwide one-third of all food goes to waste. Supermarkets are a big part of the problem, for example, a single chain wasted 46,684 tonnes of food in 2017.

In central Edinburgh, 27.1 tonnes of food go to waste every week - that’s equivalent of roughly 54,000 meals unnecessarily thrown in the bin while many people suffer from food poverty.

The Food Sharing Hub, and its dedicated volunteers, will try to make a significant impact on this problem.

Who are we?

In 2013 a group of students began Food Sharing in Edinburgh with the aim of re-distributing good quality excess food from businesses to the community. We envisage a food system that ends the status quo of food waste. 

The Food Sharing Hub is central to delivering this aim and will redistribute excess food to the community.

 The FSH cannot exist without a cargo bike to deliver the large quantities needed to stock its shelves. 



Please note that some of the rewards have two available options: 

  • Collect (Come to either the Food Sharing Hub or SHRUB's swapshop to redeem it)
  • Postage (with postage fee included,  conveniently delivered to your doorstep!) 



Reward: Your name on a wall in the Food Sharing Hub!

*If you'd rather not have your name displayed, just let us know

Trusty Sidekick - £5

Reward: Digital Poster

Show everyone that you are the Robin to our Batman with a Digital Poster which can be printed off at home and hung up to show your support!

Most Wanted - £10

Reward: Risoprint Postcard

With a design inspired by one of the most iconic comic book covers of all - Action Comics #1, you definitely want this signed postcard as a sign of our appreciation!

Utility Belt - £10

Reward: Bike Chain Keyring

Not even Batman has one of these on his utility belt! Grab one of these key-ring upcycled by our friends in the Wee Spoke Hub from old bicycle chains!

Baddie with a Goodie Bag  - £20

Reward:  FSH Tote Bag, Keyring, and Risoprint Poster.

A criminal offence getting a tote bag, keyring, and postcard for such a steal!

Target Launch - £25

Reward:  VIP invite to the FSH Launch Party in January.

Launch 2019 in super style by being a VIP at the Food Sharing Hub Opening Party in January.

You’ll also receive a goodie bag to ensure you’re the best kitted out hero there!

Rescue Ride  - £50 (Edinburgh ONLY)

Reward: A box of various excess food treats - delivered by our bikes

The Batmobile will be paying a visit to your front door with a  box of food saved from across the city as a special thank you.

Super Delivery  - £100 (Edinburgh ONLY)

Reward: An Xmas food sharing hamper?- delivered by our bikes

Edinburgh’s answer to Hell Cycle ridden by our very own Ghost Rider will deliver you a special Food Sharing Christmas hamper.

Cooking up a Supreme Team - £150 (Edinburgh ONLY)

Reward: Cooking workshop

You and 7 of your fellow world saving friends will be treated to a cooking workshop in your own Headquarters. 
Food Sharing Volunteers will bring a selection of fresh organic ingredients and teach you some new zero waste recipes.

This could be a birthday treat or a teambuilding session for your workplace!

*We can accommodate for dietary requirements.

Power Up Device  - £150 (Edinburgh ONLY)

Reward: Upcycling Workshop

Gather 10 of your friends and begin your Superhero initiation with an upcycling workshop,  provided by SHRUB's workshop team, to be held at the hideout of your choice.

This could be a Hen party activity, a birthday treat, or a team building session for your workplace!

*Options include jewellery making, screen printing, T-shirt bags and many more!


Bikey McBikeface - £250 

Reward: Name the Bike

Every superhero has their Batmobile, Invisible Jet or Hulk Copter (Who remembers that one?!), but what will we name ours?

You decide - and we really will let you choose ANYTHING as long as it's not offensive.

GONE! - Ultimate Cutting  - £250 

Reward: Ribbon cutter at the FSH opening

By wielding the superpower to cut through absolutely anything, the honour of cutting the ribbon at the opening of the Food Sharing Hub is all yours.

GONE! - The Immortal  - £300

Reward: Lifetime membership of SHRUB Coop

You and your undying pal Deadpool will be the lucky recipients of lifetime membership of Shrub. This will allow you to exchange your reality-defying costumes for swapshop tokens. You’ll also get great free stuff from the freeshop, have your say in the running of the coop, and attend our monthly members' parties until the end of time.

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