Tyler's New Living Accommodation

Tyler's New Living Accommodation

To give Tyler his own living accommodation, with a downstairs bedroom and wetroom, and an electric wheel chair to give him his independence

We did it!

On 19th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £3,915 with 91 supporters in 70 days

In January 2010, at the age of 12 years, Tyler started to suffer from severe headaches and sickness every night.  He was diagnosed with migraines but it soon became apparent it was something more serious.  A scan revealed he had a brain tumour and he was immediately transferred to the Children’s Neuro Ward in Southampton Hospital.

The next day he had an operation to remove as much as possible of the tumour.  Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to remove it all.  Tyler spent several weeks in  hospital  and  had  7 operations that left him in a wheelchair, visually impaired and with severe nausea issues.  Steroids resulted in him gaining a lot of weight.

Over the following months Tyler fought to regain his fitness through physio and hydro therapy.  He worked hard  to  lose weight and regain some mobility.  He did this with a lot of courage and determination.  After treatment at  Moorfields  Eye Hospital, in London  he  had to accept that the damage to his eyes was permanent.

This was a period of watch and wait as the situation stabilised for a while. Unfortunately Tyler’s next 2 scans showed the tumour was growing again and further treatment was essential.  In January 2014 Tyler underwent radiotherapy for 6 weeks. 

In January 2016 Tyler had a bleed from the tumour which left him with worsened vision and mobility.  He was again having physio but becoming more and more tired.  A scan in July revealed the tumour was again growing and the only option was complete removal.  In October Tyler had an 8 hour operation followed by 3 further operations after complications developed.

He has now had 26 operations, and spent over a year combined in hospital.  His sight and mobility are now permanently damaged, and still has a long road ahead of him but he never complains.  He struggles to get up the stairs in the house to get to his bedroom, and use the bathroom.  We need to get these on the ground floor of the house for him, not least of all to remove the risk of him falling down the stairs.

Due to his lack of mobility, he has lost any independance, as he cannot walk more than 5 yards without struggling.  He has tried out an electric wheel chair, and absolutely loved it.  He was able to go to the hospital Costa, and order himself a coffee, and go to the hospital shop, and buy a pack of popcorn.  Does not sound like much, but to us all, showed that it is possible for him to gain back his independance, and allows him to go out with friends, go back to college, and take his beloved Charlie (his dog) for walks again.  So we also really need to get him this wheelchair, to give him back his life.

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