Two Thousand Jobs for a Tenner

I need to do two thousands jobs for a tenner in three months, something mundane or creative , just want to make this opportunity come true.

We did it!

On 9th May 2016 we successfully raised £2,040 with 100 supporters in 56 days



Hello :)


I've been given a fellowship to do a postgrad in Dramatic Writing at NYU for two years one of 8 playwrights pciked from hundreds so I'm happy. This means they liked me and are going to pay my tuition fees. Unfortunately Im not allowed to work more than 20hours a week so I need to save rapidly before I go. I will work five days a week and a resturant job so can save some.




I need to raise the costs thats the only thing I need to pay for. But I want to do something for you in return. Whether its the mudane or cleaning/walking your dog/cooking you dinner/ giving you a NON sexual massage or like that lady in sweeden who hugs people for an hour for money. THe list is endless.

I have worked as a support worker in hostels, rehabilitation unit, womens shelters for years and now would like to use them powerful voices in my work.

Or if your an actor I can help you with an audition or I could cook for you a whole entire dinner party, or even write a play to be in your own living room.  A crazy kids party or your own personal childrens book specialised for your cihild ( I write childrens books).

I won't be able to touch this money till I go I've sert up a new account, and I theres one thing I can promise I will spend my time writing plays that represent the unrepresented and always write parts for actors from all walks of life.  

And I can promise to help support your dream in return.

Big Love

Samuel x

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