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A British Crime Drama created by film students; two brothers from a sink estate must chose their escape. Which road will they take?

by Charlie Humphreys in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Two brothers, Sammy and Kane, are living on a rough estate and face many challenges. The oldest, Kane, has bounced around foster homes and looks after his younger brother, Sammy, who is incredibly smart but is tempted by a young gang into a life of crime instead of applying himself at School. With the help of Kane, Sammy's teacher and social worker, they will try their best to make sure Sammy chooses to stay on the right road in life!

Jed Cronin - Director/Screenwriter

Hello, my name's Jed and I am the writer and director for this film! I am really excited to be working on this project as ‘living with crime’ and ‘gangsters’ have always been a fascination of mine. Me and my crew aim to make a film that is not only dramatic but relatable to so many of us. Any help that you could offer would mean the world to us. I look forward to sharing this film with you all!

Charlie Humphreys - Producer/Project Manager

Hi everyone, I'm Charlie and will be the producer for this short film. I am really excited to be working on this amazing project, and as a lover of the crime genre, it is fantastic to be working on this particular short film. I have been a producer for other short films before, and am excited by the opportunities this one presents.  Any financial help you are willing to offer would be awesome and help us to create the best film we can.

Bryn Davis - Director of Photography

Hello, I'm Bryn the Director of Photography. I’m looking forward to being able to express my vision through a lens, I hope to bring the story to life by keeping everything focused with good camera angles and shots. I’ve never done anything like this before so it shall be a new experience for me which I hope gives me confidence. 

Cai Carter - Production Designer/Sound

I’m Cai am the production designer for this short film. I like my food and good films or something like that. I like this project as its subject is very relatable to people I know and our county as a whole and I look forward to bringing the story Jed has created to life.

James Cooper - Editor 

Hi, I'm James and I am the editor for this short film. I am really looking forward to working on this project which has been written by a good friend of mine, and I hope its brilliance will be shown in the final piece. I have been an editor for many other short films in the past, but this one has provided me with a new challenge, so I hope to be able to rise to the occasion and put my skills to good use. 

How we will use the Money

Any donations you make, would really help us.  We are a group of 2nd year Film students with the vision to create a gritty crime drama but need an injection of capital to help us realise our aspiration.  From small or large amounts, every penny, well pounds, will help us to create the film that we have envisaged. Your money could help pay for a meal for the crew on the set or help us translate the sense and feel of the screenplay through props or staging. Any help would be really appreciated and it would mean so much to us that your donation could to help us produce this Crime Drama which will help us grow as filmmakers. Plus there are cool rewards for everyone who supports us

The money that you donate to help us create this film, will be used in the following areas:



Props and Costumes



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more


A thank you email with a credit in the film!

£15 or more


A digital copy of the poster and all previous rewards.

£25 or more


A digital copy of the film sent as soon as the film is completed and all previous rewards

£50 or more

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Piff Ting!!

A physical signed poster from all the crew and all previous rewards

£75 or more


A behind the scenes and bloopers look for the film and all previous rewards

£100 or more

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My G!!

An executive producer credit for the film and a huge thank you video from all of us at the end of the shoot as well as all previous rewards.

£150 or more

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Your name tattooed on the director's body as well as all previous rewards.