Two Kissing Fish Workshop Help

Two Kissing Fish Workshop Help

Two Kissing Fish handmade pebble art needs to move out of our small kitchen and into a purpose built workshop, can you Help??? pretty please

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Two Kissing Fish


Handmade Gifts made in the heart of Cornwall


Into our second year and business is growing fast, however we now need to move out of our small kitchen, hallway, front room and everywhere else in the house that has been invaded by pebbles and frames....


We are looking to build a purpose made workshop in the garden so production can increase and therefore we can be a 100% viable small business, and so my three boys can finally eat their tea at the dining table again!!!


Our Year So Far!!!!


I Started in January 2015, with a simple facebook page and 2 box frames, the pebble boxes soon gained a lot of interest with their uniqueness and the personalisation aspect. August 2015 our webpage was born in all its loveliness! (im very proud of this, i did it by myself!!!)

In Total we have gained over 2k facebook followers, have sold in excess of 8 thousand pebble boxes and on Mothers Day weekend alone we sold 120 boxes in a matter of 3 days.

My Pebble boxes have so far been sent to Dubai, Canada, France, Ireland, America and Italy.


However, as fab as this sounds, anything that is earnt goes straight back into buying more frames, paying for marketing, packaging and the constant cost of attending craft fairs, so the ability to save towards our workshop is tricky and nigh on impossible!!!


Which is where i need you!!!!!!


With a purpose built workshop Two Kissing Fish has the potential to produce more boxes per day and therefore grow even more!!!!


Please Help in any way you can, and dont forget some of you will recieve one of my lovely small pebble boxes for your pledge!!!! XXXX