Two Cliffs Film Festival

Two Cliffs Film Festival

A brand new Film Festival in the beautiful seaside town of Ramsgate. Eight days of exciting events!

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £135 with 7 supporters in 56 days

 Two Cliffs is an independent and international film festival that will take place from the 8th to the 15th of October 2016. Located in the Royal Harbour town of Ramsgate, Kent with outstanding sea views and a variety of unique venues. The Festival aims to bring independent, international film to an area that does not often receive it, and bring international attention and tourism to the area to help benefit the local community. We will be hosting multiple events and themed screenings around the town, along with international films submitted to us by upcoming and independent filmmakers. To keep you going, we have found the best food, drink and arts the South East has to offer. Our complete schedule will be announced closer to the time.


  • Screenings of the newest talent from around the world
  • A fun, festival atmosphere
  • Evening events that take you to the unique areas of Ramsgate
  • Special screenings in fun and unusual venues
  • A Family-friendly festival
  • Locally sourced beer and wine
  • International, freshly made food
  • Activies and workshops designed to inspire
  • The "Film Fair". An event created to get anybody into film
  • Seminars by industry professionals that educate and entertain



Michael-Paul Thompson is a Kent-based film director who has worked with many local institutes to benefit the community. Interested in film and directing from an early age Michael has pursued his passion both academically and professionally working on locally made projects. Michael has also expanded into creating his own company CinemaTree Media whose key goals are to create inspiring and entertaining content within the local area and to promote local creative people.


We need your support to make Two Cliffs the best it can be. Pledges from you and others will give us the funds we need to deliver a brilliant week of entertainment, and in return you will receive exclusive offers and recognition in our festival. All our rewards are exclusive to Crowdfunder so you won't find these anywhere else! 

If you are new to Crowdfunder, here's how it all works.

If enough people pledge money to us within the time limit, we will get our target of £20,000. Your pledge will be debited from your account and the money will be sent to us. We will then hold Two Cliffs Film Festival 2016 in October and you get your tickets at a discounted price along with any other benefits your pledge gives you! It is worth nothing; in the unlikely event that the festival is cancelled for whatever reason it is our duty to refund you your pledge, so you are basically in a risk-free situation either way!


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